WWE: Finally, the Rock Has Come Back...To Turn John Cena Heel

Ryan SimonCorrespondent IFebruary 15, 2011

"The Most Electrifying Man in Sports-Entertainment" will return to Wrestlemania in Atlanta.
"The Most Electrifying Man in Sports-Entertainment" will return to Wrestlemania in Atlanta.

Once again, World Wrestling Entertainment has stepped up it's game to lead into WrestleMania XXVII by bringing back a bona fide legend with a lot left to offer.

We all witnessed the return of "the most electrifying man in sports entertainment" on Monday Night Raw as it is now widely known that he will be the guest host for WrestleMania XXVII.  "Finally, the Rock has come...home," claimed "The Great One."

To some it would seem that the writing is on the wall as to what will transpire from the Rock's return to WWE programming.  It is strongly speculated and obviously evident in the personal jabs "The Brahma Bull" directed at WWE's modern day poster boy that there will be a Rock/Cena showdown in the future with an obvious twist.

It is obvious from the fan reaction that the Rock's return to WWE programming was long overdue.  He was also precise and on the mark in his promo, never missing a beat while nailing almost all his trademark phrases.  

He also took a moment to dress down Cena's, "You can't see me," slogan when compared to the likes of his and "Austin 3:16" which led the brand through prominently successful periods.

He basically called Cena out and let him know that he will see him at WrestleMania, among others.  He may be very well planting the seed for one of the biggest matches in wrestling history.

When he started ribbing on Cena and the crowd roared it's approval, it proved one thing: A Cena/Rock angle would turn Cena heel. But does WWE want that?

Cena is their top merchandise draw right now even in tough times. He's still the poster boy of WWE right now, the present.

It would obviously be a dividing of fans.  There would probably still be Cena fans but not as many.  There are also very many fans who will undoubtedly boo Cena over the Rock. We can judge that by the reaction from the crowd when the Rock started on about Cena.

Wrestling fans are hungry for an epic battle like that, a dream match so to speak.  And the great thing about the Rock's return is that he still has a lot left in the tank and hasn't lost one charismatic step.

Wrestling fans are also hungry for a Cena heel turn, which has been rumored for the last few years.  But this is one of a few angles that could really put it over and not really push it because the fan reaction to the Rock will spur Cena's heel turn if they square off. 

Cena's character lately has been "cutely entertaining" and sometimes downright funny with the crazy things he says and does. While the shenanigans are funny, real wrestling enthusiasts know he has it in him to compete on a legendary level—he is just limited at his list of legendary performers to work with.

Someone like the Rock needs to bring that focus and intensity back in Cena. The intensity of the challenge of a "big name" like the Rock.

But it would only truly work with John Cena as a heel, which would happen anyway. Whether or not WWE Creative and merchandising wanted it to or not.