WWE's The Rock: Will He Turn Cena Heel and Make WrestleMania Epic?

Anthony SalvatoreCorrespondent IIFebruary 14, 2011

Can you tell why this man is smiling?
Can you tell why this man is smiling?Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images


That's all I can say about the blockbuster (ok, not blockbuster in terms of surprise, but still awesome) return of The Rock.

At the risk of marking out here, I have to say that the Rock never looked nor sounded better, and kudos to the randy rathskelians at Titan Tower for being able to build up some suspense. Woman's shoe, taking forever to have us hear "...Can you smeeeellll..." Not bad. Not bad at all.

Mark moment over.

It's interesting and inevitable that if you are going to have the Rock come back, he's going to feud with someone, and who better than John Cena, the current face (in every sense of the word, for better or worse) of the WWE?

But what does this mean for WrestleMania and Cena?

Well, it seems obvious that The Rock returns as a Face. Cena is currently a Face. Something has to give.

My money is on Cena. If we look back at the last few months, there have been hints dropped about Cena becoming Heel. For a Face of Cena's level to turn Heel takes something big....or a seismic shift in public opinion.

It couldn't have escaped the attention of WWE creative that Cena's character is getting stale, loosing some momentum. There are many boos when Cena walks out, sometimes as many as cheers. The last time that happened to a Face of epic proportions, Hulk Hogan dropped a leg on Randy Savage and turned Heel. 

A different time and promotion, but it can be argued that there are many correlations in stature between Cena now and Hogan in his prime.

But it all needs a catalyst. If there is one wrestler that can turn the tide of public opinion firmly away from Cena, it would be The Rock.

I am personally mixed of feeling in terms of whether I like or dislike this possible turn, but I DO love the idea of The Rock vs Cena. 

Vince has his work cut out for him. Look at the last two WrestleManias. In one, we have one of the greatest matches in modern Wrestling history, HBK vs 'Taker. This is followed by a good match that, while not as much of a clinic as its predecessor, saw Mr. WrestleMania retire. It is awfully hard to even come close to those epics, and of all the feuds and new faces, none really grab the imagination. Even a possible return of HHH doesn't do it.

There are no real BIG matches that matter. I'm a Cena fan, bur Cena vs anyone really...well, who cares? What's new? What's special? Nada. All the other matches? Title on the line? Who cares? We've seen it before. But the return of the Rock? Cena turning heel? A possible seismic shift in the WWE Universe?

Now that matters. That's interesting. Even epic.

What do you think, Bleacher fans?