Saddle Up: 5 Beyond Bold Predictions For the Dallas Cowboys In 2011

Matt SmithContributor IIIFebruary 15, 2011

Saddle Up: 5 Beyond Bold Predictions For the Dallas Cowboys In 2011

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    As we all know by now, the Dallas Cowboys were one of the worst teams in the NFL, and their Super Bowl dreams were crushed midway through the season. They were hoping to have home field advantage in the Super Bowl, but the team chemistry just fell apart.

    These are not just bold predictions.

    They are beyond bold.

    In some cases they transgress the boundaries of reality. Are they out-of-whack? Maybe.

    Will they come true? Possibly, but most likely not.

    Anyway, keep wishing Cowboys fans, because the team would be a lot more interesting with these five beyond bold predictions.

The Stadium Fails on Several Occasions, Results in Injury

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    The famously expensive stadium already failed once, why can't it happen again?

    If something was wrong in the first place, what makes you think it was completely fixed? Likely Jerry Jones is going to get it fixed if it isn't already.

    I wouldn't count on it failing at all, but if it does, it's a solid guess that it will happen more than once.

    In any case, this turns out to be a bad event. One of the crew is injured and is unable to return. The game is delayed, and things just don't work out. The fans at the game sure aren't happy.

Cowboys Lose All Their Preseason Games, Get Compared

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    As soon as Tony Romo went down, any chances of a comeback were shot.

    Dallas did enjoy some success in the late season though, leading to many rumors of a Romo trade. But it doesn't look like that will happen.

    In the preseason, the Cowboys will lose most of their games, and people will undoubtedly compare this to the beginning of the 2010 season. As we know though, the preseason means nothing. In fact the 0-16 Detroit Lions won all of their preseason games in the 2008-2009 season.

    Still, a bad preseason will mean comparisons.

    And the Cowboys will lose all of their games.

Cowboys Lose Majority of Games, Jerry Jones Fires Himself

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    The Cowboys were led to a 5-3 record after Jason Garrett took over.

    That happened in half a season, so if you double that, then it would be a 10-6 record. Granted things don't always work out that way, but it's believable Dallas would've made the playoffs under Garrett.

    Unfortunately for the Cowboys, it doesn't exactly work out like the previous record would have. The Cowboys again collapse early, and it is too late to recover.

    Jerry Jones gets mad at the administration, conducts an interview with his alter ego, and decides to fire the two people responsible—Jason and himself.

Tony Romo Suffers a Minor Injury, Gets Benched

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    Sometimes the staff can go nuts over Romo. Sometimes Romo doesn't show the toughness; remember when he was out for weeks with a pinkie injury? I personally thought that was ridiculous.

    Romo has suffered several injuries throughout his career, and it may happen again with the offensive line the Cowboys have.

    My guess is he gets some small injury and is subsequently benched.

    People will then question his toughness, especially with his injuries in the past, and being sidelined with minor injuries doesn't help.

Cowboys Clone Demarcus Ware and Dez Bryant to Replace Everyone

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    To fill their needs on offense, the Cowboys clone physical freak Dez Bryant. His clones replace the entire offensive line after his clones bulk up, and all their Wide Receivers.

    And if needed they have multiple punt returners. His clone becomes an explosive running back as well as a solid catching tight end after yet another of his clones learns to add some muscle to block at that position. Bryant is also an effective dual-threat QB.

    To fill their needs on defense, they clone other physical freak Demarcus Ware. He replaces everyone. The defensive line is certainly upgraded with him on it, and as a linebacker he sometimes drops back into pass coverage. His clones slim down to play in the secondary.

    At what position wouldn't they be an upgrade?