ECW Recap 9/23/08 or Isn't There A Champion On This Show?

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent ISeptember 23, 2008

Another episode of ECW finishes up and like we do every week, it's time to figure out what worked and what didn't.

We open up with, (take a wild guess) talking.  I can't stress this enough.  You should never open a show, especially one that only lasts an hour, with talking.  All 3 shows do this all the time.  There are few exceptions, like last week, but it seems that we're back to basics.

The Miz and Morrison are in the ring complaining about Evan Bourne's win last week.  Then they begin to rag on Ricky Ortiz for helping Bourne out.  They move onto Teddy Long which makes him come to the top of the ramp.  After some banter back and forth, that also causes Ortiz to come out, Long makes the main event for the evening.  Miz versus Morrison with the winner facing Ortiz immediately after.

When we come back, they roll some footage of Evan Bourne getting beat by Kane last night.  Usually, these promos go without me critiquing them.  But this one was different.  In the highlight, it show Bourne coming off the top rope for the double knee take down and then cuts to Kane giving him the uppercut that changed the momentum of the match. 

That's not how it happened.  Bourne lands the double knee take down, then hits the rope.  This is when Kane elevates him straight up and hits the uppercut.  I don't understand why the WWE decided to cut the footage this way.  The lift that Kane does is very impressive as Bourne got some good height.  They're trying to change outcomes now and hoping that no one notices.  I wonder what else they'll try to change on us.

Finlay comes out to fight Bam Neely.  It would seem that Neely and Chavo are still together as they made reference to Chavo disappearing last Friday when Undertaker attacked him and that's why he wasn't at ringside.  So I guess that we're suppose to pretend that they didn't come to head and Neely was about ready to beat down Chavo.

The match itself was very hard hitting and showed that Finlay still has an aggressive side, although being kid friendly now.  The match really didn't show much of what Neely can do.  Which is disappointing because he hasn't had a chance to showcase himself.

The end sees Finlay hitting Neely with the Shillelagh.  This is getting old.  Finlay has the ability to beat people clean and shouldn't have to rely on weapons unless there's a chance that he's going to lose.  He needs to go back to the Celtic Cross.

After the match, Hornswoggle invites some kids into the ring to run around.  This is house show shenanigans and shouldn't be seen on TV.  Especially after 10 o'clock, when children are asleep.  If you want the kids to enjoy something like this, run it when they'll be watching.

Up next is Maryse versus McCool in a non-title match.  This match wasn't as good as their last encounter but it was still rather impressive.  The fans really took to the match and still aren't booing Maryse the way a heel should be booed.

Maryse still needs to work on her camel clutch submission.  It doesn't look painful at all.  There were some awkward spots in the match but nothing that wasn't easily fixed.  Both of these women are really stepping up their game now.  It's going to be interesting to see where they both are in a technical standpoint one year from now.

Maryse gets the win with a Spike DDT.  I guess this worked out because they needed the feud to keep going and by having Maryse pin McCool clean, she's number one contender again.  It would be nice to see McCool feud with someone else but because these two work so well together, I won't mind seeing the feud last a few more weeks.

Mark Henry comes out and cuts a quick promo about how he's never been pinned and he's going to beat Matt Hardy at no Mercy.  It's good to see that this feud is still going.  Henry has proven to be a very good and believable heel.  He still needs a little more work on his mic skills though.

Mike Knox comes out and totally dominates Chase Stevens in the next match.  Now I'm wondering if Stevens has a contract with WWE and if so, where's Andy Douglas?  These two should be revitalizing the tag division, not being jobbed out on ECW.

Knox gets the win with the Knox Out.  After he leaves the ring, Jack Swagger comes out, to a decent pop.  He makes his way to the ring and hits the Doctor Bomb on Stevens.  So I guess he is a heel.  It's a good thing the WWE did something like this because his last two matches, it was really unclear what he was suppose to be.  Now his smile is awesome. 

Tommy Dreamer comes out and tells him to stop.  Knox runs interference and Swagger hits a Doctor Bomb on Dreamer.  Looks like Dreamer is going to be jobbing to Swagger next week.

The main event is next and we see The Miz versus John Morrison.  This match was pretty solid with the two not holding back.  The hits seemed very rough and it looked great.  These two have so much chemistry together and hopefully they'll both become huge stars in the industry.

The end sees the two falling off the top rope and getting a double count out.  The fall actually looked legit, which is great, because it was obviously planned.  This is how these "accidents" show always come across as.

After the no contest, Ricky Ortiz comes out and hits The Big O on both men to make a point.  It's good to see Ortiz being pushed this heavily.  He looks like he can go far.

Overall, an all right show.  It was strange to have Matt Hardy, the ECW champion, not show up at all.  He is the champion and should have at least made an appearance.  The promo in the beginning was a little strange, especially when they made reference to Branden Walker being future endeavoured.  It felt unnecessary and cheap.  Chris Harris is a great wrestler and the WWE wasted him.  Why poke fun of him now that he's not in the company anymore?  My rating: B