BREAKING NEWS: The Undertaker's Wrestlemania XXVII Opponent Revealed!!!!

Ryan SimonCorrespondent IFebruary 14, 2011

The Undertaker awaits his Wrestlemania XXVII opponent.
The Undertaker awaits his Wrestlemania XXVII opponent.

We all know the Undertaker is set to return on 2-21-11 due to a slip up in the advertisement of the upcoming event. Thus putting an abrupt end to the hype surrounding the creepy "2-21-11" vignettes WWE has been producing lately.  Now the question lingers; Who will be his opponent at Wrestlemania XXVII?  The question lingers until now. 

Ladies and Gentleman, I have just gotten word from a reliable source that the Undertaker will indeed face Triple H at Wrestlemania XXVII. It has been reported that WWE Creative has decided to go with the idea for Wrestlemania because the involving drama will be "just what the doctor ordered" for the "Grandest Stage of them All." 

The excitement of last years 18-0 victory will be hard to match. As well as the consequence of the loss for Undertaker's opponent. Honestly, who will put their career up that's actually ready to retire? It's seems that the question has already been answered by Creative. Why not put someone in there that SHOULD retire? Someone who is already going through the motions of "the transition."   

With retirement rumors circulating around Triple H since his "promotion" it is said that WWE Creative wants to incorporate that into a retirement angle, which would be Triple H's first. What better way to do it then up against the Undertaker; "Career vs Streak II."  It would be reminiscent of buddy Shawn Michaels last performance at Wrestlemania XXVI. Though it is doubtful that any match will match that classic.

Which would provide the most interesting of all twists.  Mr. Wrestlemania himself as the special guest referee. Now that is Wrestlemania drama at it's finest. Will Shawn Michaels "screw over" the man who brought his wrestling career to a screeching halt at last years spectacular and help end the streak in one final act of vengeance?

Also Michaels will be facing the dilemma that he, along with the Undertaker would be taking part in ending his best friend Triple H's career. Even if it is as simple as slapping the canvas three times.  That is what Wrestlemania is all about: the career threatening decisions, moments that change the course of wrestling from that point forward, the pomp and circumstance, the grandeur that is Wrestlemania.

There are also many rumors circulating of a Sting and Undertaker clash at Wrestlemania but it's simply just not feasible at this point. There isn't enough build-up time for someone like Sting.  Sting would be WWE's biggest acquisition in years and it would be foolish to cram a year long storyline between Sting and Taker into a month and a half. It would be a waste. That is a rivalry that should be done right and cultivated to a final epic battle that will leave fans thirsty for more.

Sting is a valuable asset that must be handled with care. He is one of if not the only Iconic character in wrestling that wasn't created by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.  We all know he has his spot in the Hall of Fame as a certified Legend. And we also all know that he will more than likely finish his career with WWE, but it is imperative that it is done right.

Therefore, Sting will not fight the Undertaker at this years Wrestlemania. That should be next year. This years spot is reserved for the "King of Kings" to bow to the streak.