WWE: Everything That Is Wrong With WrestleMania at the Moment

Adrian ReyesContributor IFebruary 16, 2011

What's up, my fellow Bleachers!

While at work today, I got really really bored and started thinking about WrestleMania since the event is just around the corner, and got a headache trying to think of ways this year's event could live up to its predecessors. 

The only answer that ran through my head was, with WWE's current developing feuds and angles, Wrestlemania will just seem like another regular pay-per-view in the WWE calendar.

Now while some of you may not agree with me, hear me out. Sure, with The Rock's return to guest host the event and the rumored match between the returning Undertaker and the returning Triple H exciting fans all over the internet, it seems like the event is going to be epic...WRONG!! 

That's only one match in a four-hour long event and The Rock can't and won't be on screen at all times, which means WWE is filling the rest of the event with matches that have poor builds towards and might not be that entertaining. 

Also, with the Taker/HHH match, the WWE creative team basically forgets the fact that the reason both these legends are returning is because other superstars put them on the shelf.  They are telling us that Nexus/Kane/Sheamus are gonna get away with putting "The Phenom" and "The Game" out of action.

The whole reason for Sheamus winning the King of the Ring was for him to feud with the returning King of Kings himself, Triple H, or at least me and many others thought. If they weren't gonna follow up on that, they could have given the crown to John Morrison, a man who needed the win more than the Celtic Warrior, who is already a main event player. 

As for The Undertaker, every time he returns from being attacked, he goes after the men who took him out. That would mean, this time, he'd come for Kane and Wade Barrett. The way it's looking behind the scenes, those two are gonna get away with making The Phenom look like a chump—that'll look nice for Taker's legacy.

I mean I know a match between Taker and The Game would be great and that there is a lot of history to build a epic storyline on, but it just doesn't make too much sense at the moment. 

Unless they blow off their feuds with Kane/Barrett/Sheamus in one night, save the storyline for SummerSlam or next year's Mania. That way, they will actually have enough time to build up an epic feud and not just a few weeks.

If Vince thinks this match will save Mania this year and that's the reason he is will rush it, he is gravely mistaken.

As for the other rumored/proposed matches for the the biggest event of the year, John Cena vs. the Miz for the WWE Heavyweight Title and Randy Orton vs. CM Punk might be the only good matches on the card.  Edge vs Alberto Del Rio might also be a good match but it really doesn't interest me at the moment. Unless they can make it a Triple Threat match and squeeze a returning Christian into the mix, I really don't care about this match.

Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. Michael Cole might just be as bad as the match between Bret Hart and Vince McMahon at last year's event. A match between Rey Mysterio and Cody Rhodes would only be good if it is a mask vs. mask match with Mysterio finally unmasking in WWE, but we all know that won't happen since his mask is a huge seller among the younger audience. 

The New Nexus vs. the Corre doesn't make sense if only one of the leaders is in the match. (Barrett is the leader of the Corre, everyone knows this except the members of the group).

And if there is a Money in the Bank match, it will be good as always but the fact that there is a pay-per-view by the same name during the summer means that the winner will cash in their contract before that happens. That ruins the suspense of that said superstar cashing in since we know it will happen sooner than later.

Hey, maybe I might be over-thinking the event but I do believe I make a good point when I say that WrestleMania is not looking like the Showcase of the Immortals this year. What happened to the supposedly WCW theme that was to occur at this year's event?

I know Vince has a big checkbook and he could sign any of WCW's past stars and have them make an appearance at the event. I won't be hard on Vince for this yet since only one name has been announced for the 2011 class of the Hall of Fame. 

I honestly think the only way WrestleMania can pay homage to WCW is by Vince signing its megastar, the one and only, Sting. Can it happen? Yes. Does it look likely? Not at the moment. Even if Vince gets Goldberg to do one and done match against someone it would be a plus for the event. 

In the last year, WWE has lost stars like Shawn Michaels, Batista and Chris Jericho so they need some other big names for the greatest spectacle of the year. 

Now back to The Rock. 

His reception on Raw was unbelievable but I think WWE dropped the ball on that. They should of saved his on-screen return for the Mania and not free TV. Sure his charisma and mic skills are unmatched but he is only one man and one man won't be able to save Mania.

The only way he can overshadow how lackluster Mania is looking right now is by hitting John Cena, the man who has always voiced his negative opinion on the Great One, with the Rock Bottom to end the night, but we know that won't happen because it would make the WWE's poster child look bad on its biggest night of the year. And The Rock already did it on Raw so there is no way the WWE will embarass their biggest money maker twice. 

To me, WrestleMania this year just doesn't seem like WrestleMania should feel right now.  But hey, WWE still has a month and a half to change my mind. 

What do you guys think?