Da Bears Report Card: Week 3

Max KienzlerAnalyst ISeptember 23, 2008

The Bear Report Card:


Quarterback – “C-

Final numbers:    22/34 268 yds 2 TD 2 INT

A good second half does not make up for a terrible first half.  Kyle Orton looked confused and inept for the entire first half. He completed one pass to a wide receiver and he threw 2 interceptions, one of which was a perfect screen pass to Gaines Adams who took it the other way for TD. The second half Orton was much better, hitting both Lloyd and Forte for touchdowns.  He did not get a lot of help from Rashied Davis who dropped a big third down pass and Des Clark who dropped a touchdown but it was made up by Lloyd who made several acrobatic catches on balls.

Running backs – “B

Final numbers: Forte - 27 att 89 yds and 7 rec 66 yds 1 TD

Forte had another very good game. He was shifty and quick and continues to show that he is the best offensive weapon we have.  Jones didn’t do much, but was not given much of a chance. McKie had a couple catches.

Tight ends/ Wide Receivers – “C

Final numbers:  Lloyd – 6 rec 124 yds 1 TD      Davis - 3 rec 37 yds

                                Olsen – 2 rec 16 yds     Clark - 2 rec 8 yds

Welcome back to football Brandon Lloyd.  With his best game in several years, Lloyd has shown to be the biggest free agent acquisition of the offseason.  Unfortunately, he was the only one.  Davis had a huge drop on a third down in the fourth quarter that might have allowed the Bears to burn a lot more clock, or have the Bucs use their time-outs and no other receiver was really there. Booker wasn’t, Earl Bennett I don’t think was even on the active roster this week and Bradley didn’t do a thing and was just cut on Tuesday. In terms of tight ends. . . Well, Clark dropped a touchdown but Olsen didn’t fumble (its bad that’s the only positive thing I can say about our supposed best position) If not for Lloyd. . . this group would be receiving an F

Offensive Line – “C+

Orton was sacked 3 times and pressured constantly in the first half.  Facing the Eagles next week, they might give up double digit sacks.  The O-Line played pretty lifeless the whole first half. But they had minimal penalties and Forte still had holes to run through and Orton seemed to have a little more time in the second half.  They are still meshing and are at least improving I think.


Corners/Safeties – “C-

Final numbers: Tillman-10 tackles FF  Vasher-4 tackles 1 INT  

                    Brown-4 tackles   Payne-3 tackles 1 INT

Vasher and Payne both had interceptions.  Mike Brown made some hits and provided great support in stuffing the run, and Peanut forced a fumble and was the leading tackler.  But Griese continually was completing 7 or 8 or 9 yard passes. The DBs looked like they took some plays off and allowed some big drives, especially in the fourth quarter and overtime.  I realize the scheme they play allows some of those passes to happen, but come on, he threw 67 times.  Vasher got burned on the pass from Griese to Bryant that set up the winning field goal in OT, which was about the same distance as an extra point.  And then there was the bonehead play by Peanut.  I understand you want to stand up for your teammates, but you just forced them into 4th and long with no other option than punting from their own end zone and you get that stupid penalty.  

Linebackers – “C

Final numbers: Briggs-6 tackles 1 INT   Urlacher-6 tackles 1 fumble rec.

                    Hillenmeyer-3 tackles

Briggs played well again with a great interception.  Urlacher seemed more active than last week with 6 tackles and a fumble recovery but Hunter. . . Hunter, Hunter, Hunter.  There are 7 seconds left in the game.  The Bucs are down and needing a touchdown.  It is second and goal from the 1 yard line and you are matched up in single coverage against Jeremy Stevens. There is no inside help so why, oh why are you giving up an inside slant? WHY? WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!? FORCE HIM TO THE CORNER. I know the man is 6’7 but you have to make him work for it. . . Damn it.

Defensive Line – “D

Dusty D played a pretty solid game, but that’s it. Griese wasn’t sacked once.  Nothing.   The Bucs rushed for a total of 47 yards but that is skewed since the Bucs basically gave up trying to run after the first quarter.  Tommie was nonexistent.  Him, Alex Brown and Mark Anderson combined for 3 tackles.  Rookie Marcus Harrison and super sub Idonije did not even make the stat book.  Bad.


Robbie missed a field goal but connected on the other 3.  Maynard had a better game than last with 3 of his 6 punts downed inside the 20 and an overall average of 42.3.  Coverage units were better this week, at least in terms of penalties (although A.P did get called for an illegal block in the back) but Vasher had a nice 15 yard punt return and Manning exploded for a 46 yarder.  Not to mention the nice little razzle dazzle fake punt that Wolfe took for 38 yards.


Whatever the game plan was in the first half, it was not good in terms of getting the receivers involved early.  Also, I know Lovie’s D is designed to not give up the big play, but they certainly seem to give up lots of mid range passes that add up.   And if the defense is looking as bad as it did in that final drive of the 4th quarter, use those last 2 time outs to let them catch their breath. Please!


If they play the same way next week against the Eagles. . . we are gonna get smacked.


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