WWE Booking Miz Title Run Correctly

Joe SchmoContributor IIIFebruary 14, 2011

I’ve noticed, from the feedback in my last article as well as previous articles on B/R by other writers, that many people believe that the Miz has not been built up correctly as a believable champion—I am here to counter that argument.

First off, I would like to say that, as much as I enjoy the Miz, I understand that there are plenty of people who find him incredibly annoying. I am not here to target people’s opinion, that is not my place. I am just here to present my opinion and facts on the matter. That being said, I believe the WWE has been doing a great job with the Miz.

My first point, one that I have argued and will continue to argue, is that the WWE needs to keep the product believable. Someone like Santino beating someone like Sheamus just isn’t believable (Oh crap, they did that? Really?). That being said, if they are going to make the Miz the WWE Champion they would have to come up with a believable way to do so.

The Miz doesn’t have the build or skills to look like he could plausibly beat guys like Cena, Triple H, Sheamus, Orton, Undertaker, Barrett, etc. That’s where a Money in the Bank (MITB) ladder match comes in.

MITB has been used as a virtual automatic world title. The only difference between this and your other ways to win a title is that it involves primarily mid-card guys and is a complete crap shoot.

The strength of the MITB is that every one of the six people involved in the match has the same chances to win. It’s more luck-based than skill-based. We have to believe that someone like Evan Bourne could win the match and become WWE Champion—it’s just how the match works. 

So to recap: The Miz won a virtual lottery in order to become champion. Every wrestler who has won the MITB has done the same. They didn’t earn their titles any more than the Miz did.

There have been many people who wanted the Miz to hold the briefcase and be built up into a force that would be a believable champion. How does this make sense? 

Because he now carries around a briefcase (or has his protégé carry it around for him) he’s all of a sudden a better wrestler? Are we supposed to believe that now that he has the case he is going to train harder to become the WWE Champ?  Shouldn’t he have been doing that already? And can he really do that in less than a year?

Another popular argument is that Miz has looked like a weak champion and I would have to agree with this. My argument lies in the fact that he is supposed to look like a weak champion.

First of all, he is a heel. Heels rarely get clean victories as it is. Secondly, I believe it is part of Miz’s character to win the way he does. And if you haven't noticed, he has WON every title defense he has had. He hasn’t DQed himself or counted himself out in order to keep the title—he has come up with crafty ways to win (Although I’ll admit that the ladder match against Lawler made me cringe. There’s no way Lawler should win a virtual 2-1 handicap ladder match against any two stars in the WWE). 

Whether it’s teaming up with Big Show, abusing his manager/protégé, or straight up lying to the ref about winning, he has always found crafty ways to win. It’s part of his character and as he keeps pulling off these types of victories (outsmarting, outmanning or outmaneuvering his opponent) his character only becomes stronger.

A lot of people have compared Miz to Swagger. I’d argue that this isn’t the case.  First of all, Swagger is someone who should be getting clean victories over larger guys—he has the talent to do so. WWE booking him as a weak champion who ran away from opponents and DQed himself more often than not is just silly. Miz, on the other hand, is a weak guy who has won his title defenses.

In conclusion, Miz looks like a weak champion because he is supposed to look like a weak champion.