WWE: The Top 4 Feuds That Should Happen in 2011

Diego GomezjuradoContributor IFebruary 14, 2011

WWE: The Top 4 Feuds That Should Happen in 2011

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    After posting my last article "Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and the Other 8 Reasons Why I Still Watch WWE," I decided to list the top four feuds that I would like to see happen during 2011.

    It's easy to complain about the lack of creativity portrayed by the WWE Creative team (I tend to do it quite often), however, another more viable option to this is writing an opinion article to actively show what you, the fan, wants to see.

    So without any further introduction, here are the feuds that I, Diego Gomezjurado, would enjoy watching.

Daniel Bryan vs. Alberto Del Rio (Destiny vs. Ability)

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    I will start off with the most unlikely of the possible feuds, Daniel Bryan vs. Alberto Del Rio. This one seems to have a distant chance due to them being on different brands; however, I do think that this would not only make for entertaining television, but it could also have solid wrestling matches as well.

    Destiny vs. Ability

    Have Daniel Bryan interrupt Alberto del Rio during one of his promos, claiming that destiny has nothing to do with being successful in the business and that Alberto del Rio disrespects the wrestling legacy by saying this.

    This would enrage Alberto del Rio, up to the point where he would cut promos about Bryan being a character with no charisma, about his lack of flair and class.

    Bryan would then challenge Del Rio to a couple of matches, during which he displays his vast ability to wrestle, but comes short of the win. Del Rio would then boast about his character, his displays and his wins against the "best" technical wrestler of the business.

    Having this feud culminate during a pay-per-view with a submission best two out of three falls would suit me well.

    This scenario would allow Daniel Bryan to be used more effectively, as well as improve his charisma and mic skills, while Del Rio would finally be able to use his different wrestling styles and in a sense endear him to the WWE Universe.

Revival of the Tag Team Division

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    In my desperate hope that the Tag Team division is brought back to life, I propose this feud. I am a big fan of multiple tag teams being involved in a feud. Four, in my opinion, is the magic number. This feud would consist of four tag teams (Otunga and Ryan (C), Marella and Kozlov, Gabriel and Jackson and Ryder and Tatsu).

    Make this a zero gimmick feud for the titles, bringing the division back into the spotlight. Not only would members of both stables have regular matches, but it would also bring credibility to the belts.

    Revival of the Tag Team Division

    I would start the feud by making Otunga and Ryan the tag team champions after destroying Marella and Kozlov on an episode of Raw. Once they do, book them as strong champions, which would annoy the rest of the contenders, as they would hold on to the belts by winning in dubious, but credible, ways.

    Then introduce the Corre into the picture as the new contenders and have them battle in a couple of matches during programming. The crowd would be torn apart, as both teams are heels.

    When the feud is starting to heat up, introduce two other tag teams that want the belts. The first team would be the former champions (Marella and Kozlov) and they would desperately want to win the belts back and by joining this feud, they would no longer be viewed as a mere comedy act.

    The second team to be introduced would be Ryder and Tatsu, two superstars that have fallen down in the pecking order. Ryder would come back as a face and team with Tatsu, as both seek to be protagonists in the WWE; by introducing them, this would balance the heel to face ratio and they could become fan favourites.

    I would culminate this feud with a Four Man Elimination Tag Team Match at a pay-per-view.

    I do believe that this is the only way to bring back credibility to the Tag Team Division.

Naming the Legacy: DiBiase Vs. Rhodes

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    This feud would make DiBiase use his ability and catapult Rhodes into a solid title picture. In order for the feud to work, either Cody or Ted would have to have a face turn. I would split DiBiase and Maryse and turn Ted face. This feud has the potential of having great matches and decent promos as well.

    Who is the Legacy?

    Book DiBiasi to win the US championship from Bryan and have him hold on to it by defeating a few jobbers. Then introduce Rhodes into the feud by having him cut a few promos about how he was the true talent in their former partnership. 

    This would allow them to have solid matches to show who is in fact the better wrestler and who really holds their parent's legacy.

CM Punk vs. John Cena (Lifestyle Feud)

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    This feud, if booked properly, has great potential. I am a fan of CM Punk's gimmick and think that when it is heavily featured in a feud, it works out well.

    Conflicting Lifestyles

    Have Punk come out and cut his usual promo on how John Cena is a hypocrite and how his Hustle, Loyalty and Respect Gimmick is a lie. Then Cena would refute these claims using his PG sense of humour. By doing this, Punk's ego would be fed due to the fact that Cena's comments are not only contradictory, but they in no way address Punk's lifestyle.

    To conclude this feud, I would have a Lifestyle vs. Lifestyle match in which the loser drops his gimmick and is forced to publicly admit that he was living a lie.

    To book this feud properly, the loser has to be Cena, thus forcing a change in gimmick and perhaps a heel-turn. However, since SuperCena never loses, this will never happen.


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    Thanks for reading my second article, please comment on the content, as well as the writing style.

    Until my next article, Bleachers,

    Diego Gomezjurado