Dear Chicago Bulls—You Fired the Wrong Guy

Dyson KincaidCorrespondent IJanuary 9, 2008

With the trade deadline coming up next month, its safe to say that not only does John Paxson need to make a move, but that he also needs to make the right move, and definitely not go the route of making no moves at all.
I’ll go as far as to say that what he decides to do or not do in February will probably determine his future as the General Manager of the Chicago Bulls.
Even though Scott Skiles was considered as a hard task master for the young bulls team, it’s John Paxson who should have been the one receiving the Christmas present of doom.
A lot of people overlook this fact because John Paxson is considered a son in Chicago. He was one of the original Chicago Bulls from the first threepeat in the early 90’s.
However, as General Manager, John Paxson hasn’t made any positive contributions since 2004. While has made trades and gotten the high draft picks, he's never done anything with them.
Trading Tyson Chandler away, who is 25, in exchange for Ben Wallace, who is 33, was a big mistake. That trade was a short term fix for going up against Shaq—nothing more and nothing less. That trade wasn’t needed, because in due time age was going to beat Shaq.

And Lamarcus Aldridge making the trade for Tyrus Thomas is looking dumber than the Tyson Chandler draft pick trade for Elton Brand. At least Tyson became the player he was expected to be.

This was the same John Paxson who said before the draft, and I quote:

“It's no secret we need to get size in our frontcourt and we need to get a bigger guard if we can, a defensive-oriented guard. And we really need some leadership on the floor. I think our guys are still young in their development there; it's a lot to ask an entire group to assume that leadership role. So, that's the wish list, if you could get everything you wanted. I'm optimistic about this offseason. We should be, we're in a really good position; we've got good, young players and the ability to add to that."

So you draft your big man, 6’11" Lamarcus Aldridge, who lit Chicago up last week, and trade him for 6’8" Tyrus Thomas, who I don't recall playing in that game...

The thing that gets me is that if you don’t trust Lamarcus Aldridge as your low post threat, why not go with the four year proven commodity that is 6’6" guard Brandon Roy? In case you forgot, Roy became rookie of the year, and the Blazers are now one of the hottest teams in the NBA.

I won’t even talk about the Joakim Noah draft. The picture says it all.

And the trades that could have happened but didn’t? Where the Bulls could have gotten Kevin Garnett or Kobe, if some players on the team weren't considered untouchable?

My first question would be: what do you want!

And the bad PR move to fire Scott Skiles on Christmas Eve? I don't know what to say. The constant mistakes John Paxson has made because of his loyalty to his team is ridiculous.

There is not one team in the free agent era NBA that has won championships with no leaders, and no low post threats, relying on nothing but draft picks.

The thing that gets me is that John and everyone else in the world knows this team's faults, and he deliberately has done nothing about it, or is too hesitant because all of his past moves have failed. But something better happen, and it better be something big— I don't think I can stomach hearing about a big trade that didn’t happen.

Otherwise, John it's time for you to go.