Tiger Woods: Is It Over for the Former No. 1 Golfer?

Bill CodyCorrespondent IIIFebruary 13, 2011

This is not a happy man.
This is not a happy man.David Cannon/Getty Images

How bad is it for Tiger Woods these days? 

Well, it's bad enough that Irish punk Rory Mcilroy takes shots at Tiger all the time now.

It's bad enough that he hasn't won in 15 months. 

And most of all it's bad enough that he made this statement to PGA.com following another poor outing over in Dubai this weekend.

"I feel like I can still win golf tournaments," Woods said, according to PGA. "I'm not that old. I've still got some years ahead of me."

I'm not that old? What the freak kind of statement is that? 

I feel like I can still win gold tournaments. That's the kind of stuff players two years out from the senior circuit say.

You know, the kind of statements guys make when folks in the gallery start questioning whether someone should give it up and let someone from the Nationwide Tour get a shot. 

The kind of things John Daly says at the end of tournaments. 

Not Tiger freaking Woods!!!

And that's what's got to be scary if you're a Tiger Woods fan. 

It's not just that his game has deteriorated. It has. 

But he's still regularly at or near the top of the leaderboard. Just this weekend, he was only one shot out going into Sunday's final round.

But he unraveled quickly and never got it together again. 

Two over after three. Seven back at the close of the tournament after sending it into the drink on 18.

And he looked tentative doing it. And if he folds up like a card table in Dubai, what's gonna happen at Augusta?

He's just not the stone-cold killer he once was, and it's starting to look like he may never come back.

Unless he gets a new outlook to go along with his new swing.