Is Kurt Angle on Crack?

Jason IovannaCorrespondent ISeptember 23, 2008

In a recent interview, Kurt Angle has stated:

"We have the best wrestlers in the world, WWE can’t compare. But how do we use them to our advantage? By simply wrestling, because that’s what they’re good at."

I think the steroids and painkillers have gone to the head of the so-called Olympic Gold Medalist.  WWE can't compare?  Are you retarded?  Divas aside, WWE has the best talent in the world.  Sure TNA has matches with people tossing each other around everywhere, but the technical and solid wrestlers are in the WWE.  Randy Orton, John Morrison, Triple H, Chris Jericho just to name a few.  Not to mention the developmental talent.  Where is TNA's developmental talent?  Oh ya they don't exist.  They are pulled out of the dumpster of what is left of the NWA territories.

Kurt undoubtedly has an axe to grind with the WWE.  Every time I read some article where he has nothing but dumb things to say, I can expect a pun against the WWE.  Get over it Kurt!  Move on!  Kurt Angle has officially joined the likes of my ex-girlfriends in high school and ex-fiance, where every move he makes and every word he speaks is a shot in the direction of Stamford, CT.

I mean, Vince let him go when he wanted to.  If I were Vince I would have told him to stop being a Sally and get back in the ring.  If Kurt was so concerned about his injuries and touring schedule he should not have re-signed with the WWE at the time for 10 years.  Vince was undoubtedly a nice guy and Kurt has done nothing but throw unjustified rocks.

Why isn't anyone listening to you Kurt?  The gimmick matches in TNA are bad and TNA should just get back to the basics as you say.  They don't listen to you because they don't know wrestling!  Jarrett and Russo running the company....horrible.  Why do you stay there if they don't listen!?

To sum it up: Kurt shut your mouth.  You are just as bad as Steiner.  By consistently mentioning the WWE you are confirming my point that TNA is just a second rate company.  If you go toe to toe with Vince, you will get knocked on your ass.