Can Wade Barrett Become a Main Event Star Within the WWE?

James PinchesContributor IFebruary 13, 2011

Wade Barrett, Englands favorite villain.
Wade Barrett, Englands favorite villain.

The main question I have is: What will the WWE do with Wade Barrett?

Depending on what they do with him could determine whether or not he will become a future Hall of Famer or if he will become the next Vladimir Kozlov.

I think there may be a few roads in which Barrett could take. I will explore a couple and obviously, post your suggestions for any suitable paths.

First, as a key member of the CORRE, Joint Leader, whatever you want to define it as, Wade could really benefit with a face turn. I fully believe after the excommunication from the Nexus, and as they dominate so much and come over really well as heels, it would give the fans and the story line the added dimension of a favorable stable to cheer.

Along with the CORRE face turn, Wade Barrett needs to have a push against a current star, as I think it is too early to have a classic feud with The Undertaker for his streak at WrestleMania 27, though it could be a realistic aim for WrestleMania 28. After all, when Wade was the leader of the Nexus he did help Kane bury him.

The feud with The Undertaker would certainly help Barrett if The Undertaker comes back as a monster heel—it could produce some really good matches, with Barrett being able to control a lot of the matches and show off his talent in the ring.

Who knows, he could even break the streak.

Another feud he could have, and one I'd personally like to see, would be with CM Punk. This would be very easy for Barrett to come over as a face as Punk really does a great job as what I regard the company's top heel.

Also, Punk is very technically adept within the ring and would be able to walk Barrett through some really good matches and I think would even be main event at a few PPVs. I believe this feud could become an absolute classic and could also run in the background for years and keep being revisited.

However, for this to work it does rely on WWE reverting back to superstars appearing on both RAW and SmackDown, which I believe is happening in the near future.

Finally, if they do keep Barrett as a heel, he needs a run against a top face on SmackDown. The only person I believe could start this would be if Kofi Kingston gets a big push.

Obviously, this last suggestion would require the Creative team working hard to find a way to bring this angle up, but then again that is their job. I think this could be billed as a sort of David and Goliath, but could have some great spots with the aggression of Barrett against the athleticism of Kofi.

We all know Barrett is good at playing the bad guy and good on the mic, so have him torment Kofi play to Barrett's strengths. Here in England we want him to stick around, but we also want our first world champion.

It is matches and feuds like this I want at my PPVs and not The Miz vs. Jerry "The King" Lawler.

Thank you for reading only my second article, I look forward to your comments.