Shooting Down the Boo-Birds of Patriots Nation

Mike Dussault@PatsPropagandaSenior Analyst ISeptember 23, 2008

If you’re a fan of Boston sports you probably weren’t surprised when a chorus of boos rained down upon the Patriots at halftime of Sunday’s loss to the Dolphins. Yes, the Pats had put forth a poor performance but were still far from embarrassed at that point, yet that did not stop the “fans” at Gillette from whining like a bunch of Cardinals fans who haven’t seen a playoff game since the 90’s.

Yes, it was an embarrassing and demoralizing loss and New England fans are not used to losing, especially in such a convincing fashion, but as a Patriots fan I was embarrassed for those malcontents representing Patriots Nation so poorly.

On Monday, Ellis Hobbs was asked what he thought of the boos and he rightly took the fans to task, calling them spoiled. Hobbs and Stephen Gostkowski were the only bright spots on Sunday, and he was right to voice his displeasure with Patriots fans.

It seems much of the Patriots fan base takes their cue from the negative sports media that permeates the airwaves and print of Beantown, and uses any instance of poor performance as an excuse to attack the players, coaches and management of any of their teams, regardless of how much past success those teams have had.

I guess it takes just a single half of sub par football to undo 4 Super Bowl appearances in 7 years, a 16-0 regular season and 4 AFC Conference titles.

It’s insane how one loss can send such a large contingent of Patriots fans into a dismal abyss. A perusal of my favorite Patriots messageboard on Monday had threads with headings like:

Belichick is a Joke

Belichick is Nothing Without Brady

Josh McDaniels has been exposed

Pats Need to Sign Jeff Garcia

Cassel Needs to Go, Preferably for Jeff Garcia

Seymour’s Lost It

D-Line is the Most Overrated in the NFL

Kevin O’Connell Should Start

The White Uniforms are Bad Luck

Patriots are Old and Tired

O-Line is Inconsistent

Are all Boston fans like this? Of course not, there were many responses within those threads telling people to relax. But you can’t help but notice how quickly the negative energy descends upon any Boston sports team the moment they aren’t dominating.

 I put myself as one of those who sees Sunday’s loss as something that happens in the NFL. It’s called a let down week and just about every professional sports franchise is prone to them. The 2007 Patriots were one of the few teams in history not to have one.

I don’t view one loss as an indictment of things suddenly going down the tubes for the Bill Belichick Patriots. Things are different now with Matt Cassel, no doubt. They will have trouble scoring points. But the New England Patriots are still one of the best coached, most disciplined teams in the NFL. And no single loss, no matter how bad, can change that.

These are the same voices we heard after the 2004 Pats lost to the 4-win Dolphins, or the 2005 Pats were blown out by the Chargers, or the 2006 Pats were shut out by the Joey Harrington-led Dolphins or the 2007 Patriots just barely beat the Kyle Boller-led Ravens.

They had a bad game. Let it go. It’s week three you big bunch of babies. You’re lucky to be fans of this team. So if you’re going to boo someone, boo yourself.

Mike Dussault is the Patriots Community Leader at Bleacher Report, and also a contributor at His Patriots blog can be viewed here and he can be contacted at


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