Colorado Won't Overlook FSU Even Now

Chaz MattsonAnalyst ISeptember 23, 2008

Colorado is still singing that old John Denver classic, so indulge a few lyrics for a moment:

Almost heaven, West Virginia
Blue ridge mountains, Shenandoah river
Life is old there, older than the trees
Younger than the mountains, blowing like a breeze

Country roads, take me home
To the place, I be-long
West Virginia, mountain momma
Take me home, country roads

Obviously the song is Country Roads from the late great John Denver. The Colorado Buffaloes may still be singing a few of these lyrics with their hearts in the Rockies and in the Blue Ridge mountains after their nail-biter last Thursday night against the WVU Mountaineers before a sellout crowd on national television. 

The Buff fans proved to the likes of Georgia (who will have a “blackout” night game this weekend) and Nebraska who the real black shirts are. The fans showed up in droves with an awe inspiring "blackout" night game like no other with people covered in black from head to toe. 

With so much excitement in the crowd, you would have thought Buff nation won the BCS National Championship game once the crowd spilled onto the field following the overtime win.

It might just be smart to consider the West Virginia game as a precursor to the CU Buffaloes return to the national stage. With traditional powerhouse Florida State on the horizon, the focus is on the rise at the CU campus. 

On Thursday night, the CU offense hit many snags and lapses however along the way to Victory. Granted, the Buffs maybe hit just a few less snags than the unimaginative West Virginia offense.

Somehow, with the inconsistency on offense the Buffs found their depth at running back with a strong performance from freshman runner Rodney Stewart and his 166 yards on the ground.

The surprise is it wasn't the much anticipated freshman national top recruit Darrell Scott making headlines along the way. It's just that type of depth that will need to propel the Buffs past their next opponent Florida State in Jacksonville this weekend.

Currently the FSU Seminoles have a dilemma that needs to be solved at the quarterback position and legendary coach Bobby Bowden has spent part of the early week fending off questions about a possible controversy brewing.

Florida State was stunned Saturday night by their lack of production against No.18 Wake Forest in Tallahassee.

Now Florida State has to contend with CU, a team they beat in Boulder last year. The Florida State and Arizona State games sunk into the craw of the Buffaloes last year. In all likelihood those losses served as the motivational fuel to their upset win over the Oklahoma Sooners in Boulder and helped to put the Buffs back into a bowl game.

The young Buffs felt they should have won and at the very least played better against Florida State. Truth be told, that game was there for the taking and CU fell short.

So the Buffs are another mile high off another upset and still have much to prove against a perfect opponent for them lined up this weekend. Florida State is a traditional powerhouse who now has the home field advantage.

The last time the Buffs were in Tallahassee they were blown out with a lone Jeremy Bloom highlight the only thing for Buff fans to cheer on that day.

The bottom line to this weekend is that Tallahassee (or Jacksonville as the case may be) is not an easy place for an opposing team to play, yet the Buffs appear to be primed and ready in the face of FSU woes.

While it could be a trap game for CU, they probably saw enough flaws in their own game against West Virginia that they are probably having a good week of practice. Moreover, there is the sense of wanting redemption against a team they felt they should have beaten last year in Boulder.

Florida State has utilized two quarterbacks and that appears to be at least part of their game plan against CU in the face of some controversy brewing.

With the conference schedule on the horizon, the Buffs are focused on elevating the program back to national prominence and should come up big against Florida State since they probably won't overlook the Seminoles with so much on the line for the Buffs program.