Steelers Meltdown In Philly: A Shameful Showing

Warren SicilianoCorrespondent ISeptember 23, 2008

It wasn't the way we expected one of the top AFC teams to perform, or in this case not perform. While the Pittsburgh Steeler defense has a respectable showing, the offense didn't show up on the same field. While the Philadelphia Eagle defense deserves some credit, it was the lack of preparation by the offense that stood out in this disgraceful loss.

First the questions:

Why didn't the Steelers organization shore up the Offensive Line after releasing Alan Faneca when seemingly everybody else saw the problem?

For the past three or more years, Roethlisberger has been the most sacked Quarterback in the NFL, so why haven't the Steelers fixed the problem? You just pay the guy $109 Million to be your franchise Quarterback and you let him get mauled almost every game. He will not make it to the end of the season if things continue as they are.

How can coach Tomlin not step in and get these problems corrected? Is he the answer in Pittsburgh?

Why would you keep the Offensive Line coach Larry Zierlein when that has clearly been the weak point of your team for the last several years?

Why do you allow Offensive Coordinator Bruce Arians to keep the offense so predictable from game to game and not open up the offensive playbook in any game?

Why are the Steelers inept at making necessary changes during a game when things aren't going well?

Now some of the answers:

Mike Tomlin has yet to prove himself as a viable head coach in the NFL. He never answers criticism directly and always repeats the philosophy that actions and film will show how good a team  is. Well the film and actions that are seen don't show alot of good things. And they are not improving. It's time that Tomlin steps up and fires the Offensive Line coach and puts a fire under Bruce Arians to open up the playbook and to stop being so conservative in the play calling and to try and score as many points as possible. Tomlin needs to also change the way that in-game decisions are made and to adjust the game plan as often as needed during a game. He needs to get off of the defensive side of the ball which Dick LeBeau can handle and focus on getting the offense in order, if he is capable. We will see.

How can the coaches allow a team to be so unprepared as the Offensive coaches of the Steelers? If they watched the Dallas Cowboys film against the Eagles, they should have seen how fast the Eagles defense was and adjust accordingly. Never have I seen linemen let so many defensive players run by them, then keep looking forward for someone to block after the defensive players were already behind them and on Roethlisberger. That is unacceptable. That is not Steeler football. If they watched the Patriots/Steelers game last year, they would see that the Pats ran constant quick crossing routes to get rid of the ball quickly when the blitzes are on to adjust. If the fans can see it, why can't the coaches? That is poor coaching.

It's time for coach Mike Tomlin to grow up and start being a head coach and not just an observer on the sideline and make the changes necessary to not only win, but to at least make a respectable showing in each and every game.

It's also time for Bruce Arians to either change and allow this Steeler offense to grow and be potent and be faster at making adjustments, or get out. This failure can not be allowed as a member of the Steelers.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a proud franchise with a worldwide fan base and can not have it's proud history blemished or embarrassed by the likes of the current coaching staff and their lack of ability.