BCS Championship Game: Bo Pelini Proves His Worth

BobAnalyst IJanuary 9, 2008

Was it a good move on the part of the Nebraska Athletic Department to allow Bo Pelini to coach in LSU's National Championship game?


After a somewhat rough start, though, many Nebraska fans might have been shaking in their shoes about the recent hiring of Pelini as the Huskers' head coach.

A 65-yard touchdown run by Chris Wells on Ohio State's fourth play of the game gave the Buckeyes an early seven-point lead.

The first quarter was almost all Ohio State, with the Buckeyes nursing a 10-3 lead going into the second.

But it wasn't because of Pelini's defense. Ohio State's first two scores resulted primarily from the fact that Ohio State had come out firing on first down.

Then a blocked field goal by LSU kept the score 10-3. That was all the motivation the Tigers defense needed.

Well that, and for the offense to start producing.

Over the past five years, no defensive coach has proven himself more than Bo Pelini. He can be tough when he needs to be...and he can be a softy too, like when he got Gatorade poured on him by his defensive players at the end of his last game at LSU.

Pelini is known for his fiery attitude. Several of his former defensive players say they would do anything to play for one of Pelini's defenses again.

I think this is what Nebraska needs.

Look back at the 1990s when Nebraska was on fire. The defense attacked every single play from their 4-3 formation. Those kids had heart—those kids really wanted to play.

During the Bill Callahan era, the kids seemed to have almost no motivation. It was almost like they didn't want to be on the field.

Much of the problem was a lousy defensive coordinator in Kevin Cosgrove, and the fact that not even the coaches seemed like they wanted to be there.

Pelini, on the other hand, repeatedly ran down the sideline in the title game—just like he was one of the guys on the field. He jumped up and down, celebrated, and even danced at one point.

You'd never see that from Callahan or Cosgrove.

In the end, Nebraska needs spirit.

And Nebraska needs Pelini, because he loves his job. He really wants to win.

And thanks to Nebraska's athletic department, he even has a National Championship under his belt. Here's hoping he can have more of the same success with the Huskers.

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