Wrestlemania 27: How I Believe It Should Be Booked

Deron ButlerContributor IIFebruary 12, 2011

Wrestlemania 27: How I Believe It Should Be Booked

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    What's up, Bleachers and all of the IWC? With Wrestlemania 27 less than 2 months away, and everyone predicting how it will all turn out from matches to people involved, I decided to make one of my own. So, without further ado, I give you how I believe The "Grandest Stage of Them All" should be booked.

    Quite frankly, I'm looking forward to this year's event as well as next year's in Miami.   

WWE Championship: The Miz(c) Vs. John Cena

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    Expect Cena to walk out of Atlanta as WWE ChampionFrederick M. Brown/Getty Images

    We all know that this match is going to happen for sure. John Cena will win a #1 Contender's match on RAW and will continue his feud with The Miz. No doubt that this match will be one of the highlights of the night and that The Miz will find some way to win, either by DQ or having Alex Riley distract the ref and by all means keep Cena away from winning. But we all know that when Wrestlemania is around the corner, Cena is invincible and by no means will lose this match. 

World Heavyweight Championship: Edge(c) Vs. Alberto Del Rio

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    Edge will win the title thanks to help from Kelly KellyGaye Gerard/Getty Images

    This match will truly be a coming-out party for Del Rio, even if he doesn't win the World Heavyweight Championship. This match will feature a lot of dramatic moments and even at times, some interference from Dolph Ziggler, Ricardo Rodriguez (Del Rio's personal ring announcer), Vickie Guerrero, and Kelly Kelly (who will no doubt interfere on the behalf of Edge). We may even see Christian return and help Edge win. That could more than likely happen for all of you wanting to see Christian again and maybe even an Edge vs. Christian match in the future. 

Icon Vs. Phenom: Sting Vs. Undertaker

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    If this match were to happen, this will definitely be Match of the Year shoe-in

    Myself, just like everyone else, is intrigued about the 2.21.11 promo and constantly speculating who it might be. I believe it could be Sting, but I could be wrong. We all know that Sting is the only wrestler from the WCW days to never wrestle for WWE. That may all change on 2.21.11, should Sting arrive and challenge The Undertaker. Since The Undertaker vs. Wade Barrett match has been called off, and Undertaker still on the mend, we may or may not see the deadman defend his coveted streak. It would be something to be beheld as we finally get to see two legends with the dark gimmick finally face each other for the first time.

    Also, expect Shawn Michaels to have some sort of involvement in that match as well...that is IF he gets involved

Make This Match Hardcore: Randy Orton Vs. CM Punk

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    Orton will no doubt punt CM Punk's head off like a football at Wrestlemania

    All I can say about this match is that it is going to be a violent, nihilistic, battle between these two men, but I do see Orton coming out on top. CM Punk's mic work and Orton's intensity will be the perfect build-up leading to this match. So much as though, I want this match to be like a hardcore rules match. 

Show Me The Money! The Money In The Bank Ladder Match

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    He's only doing this match for Kelly Kelly

    The Superstars I more than likely see being on this match would be the following: Drew McIntyre, Kane, and Dolph Ziggler representing Smackdown and R-Truth, John Morrison, and even a returning Evan Bourne or Sheamus representing RAW. The highlights from this match will be coming from Morrison and Bourne's aerial, death-defying moves. Even if guys like Bourne and Morrison do put on a show with their high-flying know-how, I see Drew McIntyre winning this match only because not only is he getting a push to become a main eventer as well as being Mr. McMahon's "Chosen One," I bet the guy is doing this to impress Kelly Kelly.

    I for one don't see Ziggler or Kane or even R-Truth winning this match either since Kane already won the MITB match, Ziggler and R-Truth being more of the dark horses in that match. 

Good Looks, Great Masks: "Dashing" Cody Rhodes Vs. Rey Mysterio

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    I bet you Rey Mysterio is going to win this match and we'll all see "Dashing" Cody Rhodes in a mask of some kind

    I notice whenever Wrestlemania rolls around and Rey Mysterio is in a match, he always has the most creative looking outfits inspired by movie characters. Last year, it was an Avatar inspired outfit and the year before that, it was The Joker from The Dark Knight. I wonder how Rey will outdo himself for this year's Wrestlemania and how he will defeat "Dashing" Cody Rhodes?

    I would like this feud to be something more than about Rhodes' looks and Mysterio being "held responsible" for messing up Rhodes in the process. Expect Mysterio to win this match. 

Battle Of The Rebels: Nexus Vs. Corre

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    Wade Barrett will be WWE Champion, Gabriel and Slater= Tag Champs, and Ezekiel= Intercontinental Champ

    The New Nexus right now looks like it had already ran its course dating back to the original Nexus, led by Wade Barrett. If you ask me, I like the Corre. The Corre has some very good wrestlers, ranging from the powerhouse Ezekiel Jackson, to the high-flying duo of Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater. The New Nexus are just all over the place. David Otunga has good mic skills but wrestling is kinda of iffy, Michael McGillicutty (or Joe Hennig) is decent, just keep him away from the mic for a while, and with Husky Harris out of action, their only backup plan is Mason Ryan, who I'm interested in seeing how he develops overtime.

    Again, I see the Corre winning and not only that, Gabriel and Slater winning the WWE Tag Team Championships in the future.  

WWE Intercontinental Championship: Kofi Kingston(c) Vs. Jack Swagger

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    In 2011, expect Kofi to be a main eventer soon enough. The guy deserves it.

    What has Jack Swagger done lately?

    Not much. I haven't seen the guy in action and I'm starting to wonder if he is fading in the background. Kofi Kingston on the other hand, is looking to break in the main event scene on Smackdown, and if not now, when?

    This match should further elevate Kingston to becoming a main event player soon enough. Kofi has serious talent and should not be overlooked, should WWE groom him to be a main eventer. I also would like to Swagger do something also on Smackdown but he would be more useful on RAW as another monster heel or feud with Cena, Orton, or even Sheamus. 

WWE United States Championship: Daniel Bryan(c) Vs. Ted DiBiase

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    This match could go either way but no matter the outcome, Daniel Bryan's first Wrestlemania will be nothing short of epic.

    Say what you want about Daniel Bryan, that the guy has no personality, he's boring, but at least he's a throwback to the old school technical wrestlers that knew how to tell a story in the ring.

    Ted DiBiase (Jr. not the original) has been on a somewhat downward slope having lost many matches, especially to the aforementioned Bryan. How does one lose constantly, calls himself the fortunate son, and has Maryse as arm candy? That baffles me. But either way you look at it, Daniel Bryan will have an epic Wrestlemania debut. Also, expect dozens of divas to try and interfere in this match, unfortunately, ranging from The Bellas to Gail Kim. But either way, Daniel Bryan is going to have a big Wrestlemania debut.  

Divas Championship: Eve(c) Vs. Natalya Vs. Lay-Cool

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    Natalya will win and let's hope Lay-Cool breaks up.

    This will no doubt be Natalya winning the Divas Championship away from Eve (as much as I like her). Lay-Cool on the other end, it's getting near to that point where they are should go their separate ways. Michelle McCool is probably going to blame Layla for the loss and turn against her "bestie" and that's the start of a good feud, having McCool remain heel and Layla being a face and saying that she was the "better half" of Lay-Cool.

    Either way, I still say Natalya will win hands down. 


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    That is how I would more than likely see Wrestlemania being booked and played out in front of thousands and thousands of spectators in Atlanta, as well as millions and millions watching around the world and WWE Universe.

    That's all for now and feel free to leave your comments. As I always say, the ring is open and so are the smackdowns.