BCS Fix: Why a Playoff Won't Work

Oscar PSenior Analyst IJanuary 9, 2008

Full disclosure: I am a University of Georgia graduate.

Yesterday, the school's president, Michael "I am hated by my entire University" Adams, made his own proposal for a form of NCAA sanctioned playoff in college football.

I will flat out state right here that I am against such a proposal or anything else that has been proposed thus far.

First, let's look at the ridiculous "Plus One" format that many people seem to be leaning towards.

Would another game have solved anything this season?

The top four teams going into the BCS were Ohio State, LSU, Virginia Tech, and Oklahoma. Needless to say, only one of those teams looked anything like a top-four squad after the games were over.

Yet, in this season, Georgia, USC, Missouri, Kansas, and West Virginia would all have been left out in the cold in a Plus One format.

What about the eight-team seeded playoff, you may ask?

Granted, this format would have grabbed a number of the aforementioned teams, but what else would it have done?

The end of the season games would not longer be gargantuan matchups. Teams would rest players. Teams would start running Big Ten schedules where the season ended earlier than other schools. Teams would schedule cupcakes at the end of the season and move the harder teams to early in the season when they are still working out the kinks.

Admittedly, the NCAA Tournament works very well in basketball and the College World Series works pretty well in baseball.

The difference here is that those two sports allow many more teams to enter the postseason tournament than a football playoff would allow. This is not a bad thing, but in a Plus One format, what if you are the fifth team? In an eight-team format what if you are #9?

Neither of these "solutions" actually solves anything. It just pushes the burden of the team left out in the cold from playing in postseason from the number 3 team to a team a little further down in the rankings.

In basketball, pretty much any team that could have a hope to make the national championship game by getting on a hot streak will make it to the NCAA Tournament. College baseball is very similar.

Football cannot and should not be like that. A college football playoff would ruin the bowl system. It would decrease the viewership to important regular season games, and if you don't think it would you are kidding yourself.

Perhaps most telling, it would turn the regular season of college football into a reflection of the NFL.

No offense to the NFL, but it is no college football.

Let's stop worrying about making a playoff for college football and realize that we just witnessed one of the greatest seasons the game has ever seen, and it is nearly every season where we get to say something similar to that.

College football is the greatest sport in America.

Let's not go and ruin it by turning it into something it isn't.