Nigeria To Come To England Or Why This Might Be The Best Thing For The Magpies

Bela TrimmelCorrespondent ISeptember 22, 2008

"Hello, my name is Mike  and I thought that I could run a football club."

"Hello, Mike," the group at PCOA or Premiership Club Owners Anonymous, will recite back in a likely a few weeks.

Mike Ashley who currently is the CIC or commander in chief of the Toon Army has expressed his desire to sell the club.

What else is new? Clubs are being sold faster than I could peddle my X-Men trading cards when I was in grade school. The interesting issue is who is looking to buy the Magpies.

From Nigeria With Love.

First off, lets preface this portion of the article with a bit about myself. I am a graduate student who is getting a degree in Intelligence Studies. Unfortunately there is really no ground for research into hooliganism, so I signed up for my second greatest love, analyzing problems.

Nigeria ended up in our final group project this past term as an issue that would effect US national security over the next two years. So it goes without saying, since I was one of the briefer's, that I know a lot about Nigeria.

The interest expressed by NVA Managment, as the group assisting with the purchase,  is something that came as a complete surprise to me. However, unlike the surprise that Fido leaves on the carpet, this surprise is actually welcomed.

The fact that the unnamed consortium that wants to buy Newcastle is using someone that understands the game to help them purchase the team is astounding.

Unlike the purchase of Manchester City buy the Abu Dhabi United Group (ADUG), it is likely that that NVA Management seem to actually care about the game. It is also likely that NVA will play a major role in helping the consortium of Nigerians in their decisions with the club.

It is unlikely that we will see anything that even comes close to what the ADUG have proposed for Manchester City but it is, however, likely that there will be some new breath poured into St. James Park.

A Final Thought for Mike Ashley.

I wrap up this article with a bit of a smile on my face. Mike Ashley bought Newcastle just 16 months ago. The time frame of his purchase would put it at around last March. I was on Spring Break with my buddies last March doing irrational things. It would seem that we wern't the only ones.

You don't buy a football club because it's cool. You don't buy it because it wins all the time. You buy it because you like them. It can be argued that in the case of the top four teams, you do buy them for the money they produce, this is true. But the Magpies? There has to be another reason you buy this team.

It seems that I wasn't the only one chasing fickle dreams of scoring big last March. Good job Mike Ashley and good look to the Toon.