Kelly Tilghman: Young Golfers Should "Lynch" Tiger Woods

BobAnalyst IJanuary 9, 2008

To Kelly Tilghman: You are paid to look pretty and talk about golf so men in their forties don't fall asleep every time their TV sets are set to the Golf Channel.

A little common courtesy towards quite possibly the best golfer of all-time is probably a good idea.

Telling the younger players of the PGA Tour to "lynch Tiger Woods in a back alley" is definitely a bad call.

Sure, your point is that Woods is good, and that players would have a better chance if he wasn't there. But you flubbed the approach, mixing a threat on someone's life with a terrible choice of words.

Whether or not Tilghman was being racist in her comments is up for debate. I could technically see how the situation can go both ways, but I believe that there was some racism in her comments.

True, it is really sad to see that one mistake can torpedo a career in broadcasting. These people know they cannot offend any of their viewers, and must ensure that ratings stay above par, but even one racist comment during a broadcast and their entire career goes haywire.

Racism has no place in today's society.

To quote a Black Eyed Peas song, "If you only have love for your own race, you only leave room to discriminate."

Regardless of any implicit or explicit racism, the comment was better left to Tilghman's personal thoughts.

Just last year, radio broadcaster Don Imus called the Rutgers women's basketball team "nappy-headed hoes" on air. He served nearly a year suspension for his comments and has since apologized publicly.

Is Tilghman's comment on par with Imus'? You bet. Golf Channel should at least put her on indefinite suspension, if not fire her from their network.

To the Golf Channel: Something needs to be done. You cannot let Tilghman continue after such a heinous remark, whether racist or not.

Some reports say that Tilghman has reached out towards Woods to apologize. I am sure when he issues a comment on the situation he will accept the apology publicly, but would you be able to forgive someone who made such a comment? I think not.

Ms. Tilghman, I hear McDonald's is hiring.

You might want to apply, because your future as a broadcaster after that comment is certainly unlikely.

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