Packers-Seahawks: Pack Attack Too Much for Mike Holmgren

Chris Grinstead@@everest4009Correspondent IJanuary 9, 2008

Mike Holmgren once led the Packers to the Super Bowl. Now he's the coach of the Seattle Seahawks , who just so happens to be coming to Green Bay on Saturday for a second-round playoff game.

2007 has been one of the best years for the Pack since long before old Mikey and his Super Bowl team. And the Walrus isn't going to get a warm welcome at Lambeau—let's get that out of the way.

After all, no one in the state of Wisconsin appreciates how Holmgren skipped town when the the going got rough.

Now he has to deal with the Pack again. Can he do it?

Not a chance.

Green Bay has too much depth and firepower to be stopped. Sure, the Seahawks have Marcus Trufant, but he can only cover one receiver.

If Trufant covers Donald Driver, Favre will hurt 'em deep with rookie Greg Jennings—and vice-versa. Then there's Donald Lee, who will step up and gain critical yardage on third downs.

With No. 4 under center, the Packers are an offensive juggernaut. But that doesn't mean they're without a defense. Most notably, they have a Pro Bowl cornerback in Al Harris, who many believe can cover any receiver in the league.

Special teams is key in every football game, but for the Pack it is the "x-factor" which usually shows whether they win or lose. They struggled at first, with Charles Woodson not able to do punt return, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise as they found Will Blackmon, their current returner.

If you ask any Packer fan, they will tell you that they didn't expect a 13-3 season after suffering through an 8-8 season. Favre has set numerous records. There is no doubt that Packers fans are flying high this year. But, how much more can they expect from their beloved squad? A title.

They have nothing stopping them except themselves. They need to tighten up just a little bit on defense. They need to avoid the "cruise mode" mentality. If they can do that, then there is no reason why they can't win it all this year.

Cheeseheads, mark my words. The Pack is goin' all the way this postseason. They may be young but they are talented. Their inexperience is made up for by their quickness and toughness, both physical and mental. Expect Favre to go out with a bang. He always was making waves.