WWE Wrestlemania 28 To Be Held In Miami. The People's Champ Inspired?

Iqbal Siraj@IqzyContributor IIFebruary 10, 2011

We all know that WWE has announced that next year's Wrestlemania will be held at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida. And although this certain person was not born exactly in Miami, Florida, he actually went to University there and is billed from Miami, FL. And that certain man is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. 

Now Atlanta was chosen in my opinion because of the ten year anniversary of WCW's death. It is a fitting tribute to have a Wrestlemania at the home of WCW. Now that WWE have announced it would be held in Miami next year, one thing springs to mind, does Vince have The Rock in mind for next year's huge event?

Seems likely. Now look at this, The Rock coming back to the state where he was famed for, where he became a man, where the fans go extra crazy for him. It could be a fitting tribute to induct one of the biggest stars in the history of the business, the most successful actor coming out of WWE and the world's most recognisable wrestling star next to Hogan, into the Hall of Fame.

And what could be even more of a spectacle? Have him fully retire at the stadium his favourite team plays for, have his last ever match against opponents even the minds of normal people would go mental. 

We could also see Miami native MVP return way before, and hopefully get a push to gain a championship match at Wrestlemania. When have we last seen a hometown superstar get a championship match at Wrestlemania? Years ago, that's the answer.

MVP was a wrestler that many people got behind but creative just kept forgetting about. The scenario could be MVP returns, goes on an even worse losing streak waiting for people to get behind him, until he miraculously gets a championship match at Wrestlemania by winning the Elimination Chamber (before you question yourself, I AM talking about next year), and gains a number one contender spot at WM28 for the World Title. The crowds would go crazy to see their hometown star win it.

Wrestlemania was in Florida just four years ago, why when they have 50 states in America?

That is just my opinions and conspiracy (mainly on The Rock thing) of the chosen location of next year's big event. Your comments please?