Andrei Arlovski and the Top 10 Most Questionable Chins in MMA History

Andrew MahlmannCorrespondent IFebruary 10, 2011

Andrei Arlovski and the Top 10 Most Questionable Chins in MMA History

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    Any guy that competes in mixed martial arts is a tough tough guy.  No doubt about it.

    All the men on this list can take a lot more punishment than you or I. That does not stop people from questioning their "chin".

    By a fighters "chin" being in question, their ability to take a punch and fight through adversity comes into question.

    In mixed martial arts anyone can get dropped from a strike at any time, but some fighters have dropped to the canvass more frequently than others.

    These are the top 10 most questioned chins in MMA history.

10. Alistair Overeem

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    The reigning Strikeforce heavyweight champion has been KO/TKO'ed six times in his MMA career, plus a submission due to strikes.

    Most of those MMA losses came when Overeem was a lanky 205lbs fighter and was competing against some of the best fighters in the world.

    Although his opposition was tough, many wondered why a guy from such a strong kickboxing background was getting struck down so badly.

    Since moving to heavyweight and becoming a mountain of muscle Overeem has found a lot more success, but as a 2009 K-1 bout with Badr Hari showed, he can definitely still get his bell rung pretty bad. 

9. Sean Salmon

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    Sean Salmon was a pretty bright prospect in MMA before infamously getting knocked out cold by Rashad Evans in 2007.

    It was a devastating kick that could have knocked out anybody, but then Salmon suffered a seizure after a vicious knock out loss to Jorge Santiago later that year.

    In his last two fights, Salmon suffered two first round TKO losses to relatively unknown fighters.  Maybe his chin is not the worst in the world, but he should probably focus on protecting it. 

8. Ken Shamrock

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    Shamrock only makes this list for insisting on competing well past his prime.

    A similar criticism was given to Chuck Liddell, but Shamrock takes the cake having been KO or TKO'ed a depressing nine times since the year 2000.

    Shamrock was one of the most devastating fighters in the 90s, and had never been knocked out, but his chin is just not the same as it used to be.  

    A tough SOB, but his body cannot take the punishment anymore. 

7. Kendall Grove

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    At 6'6'', Kendall Grove is one of the biggest middleweight fighters to compete, but he could probably afford some extra meat to support the concussive blows his head takes.

    In recent memory he was TKO'ed by Mark Munoz, and he has been flat knocked out by Joe Riggs, Hector Ramirez, and back to back KO'es from Jorge Rivera and Patrick Cote.

    A dangerous all-around fighter who can compete at the highest levels, Grove has still had his chin questioned on more than one occasion.  

6. Andrei Arlovski

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    Arlovski loves to stand and trade punches with some of the most dangerous men on the planet.

    Many times he wins, but he has also been knocked out six times.

    After back to back KO losses in 2009, questions about his chin started coming to a head.

    He showed a good chin in his following fight with Antonio Silva and his chin will have to be in top form again if he wishes to get past Sergei Kharitonov.

5. James Thompson

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    James Thompson has been stopped 11 times in his career due to strikes.  He has the same number of wins by way of strikes.

    The good thing is that when James Thompson is in a fight, you can almost guarantee that somebody is going to get knocked out.

    The bad part is that Thompson has gotten his chin questioned about as much as anybody in the sport for his troubles.

4. Bo Cantrell

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    Bo Cantrell falls into a similar group as James Thompson in that he is a heavyweight slugger with a host of knock out losses on his record to show for it.

    Cantrell has won six of his fights by way of knock out, compared to seven losses.

    To cap it all off, in his final fight, Cantrell famously submitted to strikes against Kimbo Slice.  It was his 5th loss in a row and an appropriate time for the big guy to hang up his gloves. 

3. Olaf Alfonso

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    Poor Olaf Alfonso has been on wrong end of a number of highlight reel knockouts.  

    The worst of which was back to back vicious KO losses at the hands of Rob McCullough and Hayato Sakurai.

    Overall Alfonso has had seven losses by way of KO/TKO.  Even though three of those TKOs were due to doctor stoppages, Alfonso has had his chin questioned due to the devastating nature of some of his losses.

2. Keith Jardine

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    Keith Jardine has eaten some power punches from Quinton Jackson and fought right through them.

    On the other hand, Jardine was one of the guys you could most frequently find collapsed on the octagon floor.

    With high profile knock out losses to Houston Alexander, Wanderlei Silva, Thiago Silva, and Ryan Bader; Keith Jardine has one of the most questioned chins in mixed martial arts.

1. Jonathan Goulet

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    Jonathan Goulet is a very talented striker and kickboxer, yet has perhaps the most questioned chin in MMA.

    A victim of several "flash knock outs", Goulet has a tendency to get separated from consciousness and then make a majority return to his senses within moments from the initial strike.

    Goulet has 10 losses on his record due to strikes.

    At a UFC fight night event in 2006, Goulet lost to Duane Ludwig due to a flash knock out within seconds of the opening bell.

    He seemed fine immediately after, but the fight was stopped after only five seconds.  Due to a timekeeping error, the official time is listed at 11 seconds, preventing the fight from being the quickest in UFC history.

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