NHL: 10 Past and Present Players You Love To Hate

Nico GodaContributor IFebruary 10, 2011

NHL: 10 Past and Present Players You Love To Hate

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    Love them or hate them the NHL has always had players deemed as goons, agitators and just plain pests.

    Suspensions and fines are just some of the many consequences these players faced,

    Loved by some and hated by more these players have left a lasting impression on all those who ever witnessed them play.

10. Theoren Fleury

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    Theoren Fleury: 1988-2006

    Theoren "Theo" Fleury had a special ability to tick off his opponents. 

    Whether he played with or against you Fleury was able to agitate pretty much anyone.

    Fleury reportedly assaulted the San Jose Shark's mascot,Sharkie, and had his troubles with alcohol and drugs before retiring in 2006.

9. Daniel Carcillo

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    Daniel "Dan" Carcillo: 2005-Present

    Dan Carcillo is known around the NHL as an agitator.  He is a frequent visitor to the penalty box and in 2007-08 he racked up 324 penalty minutes in 57 games.

    Carcillo is playing with the Flyers and while, occasionally helping out offensively, stills makes frequent visits to the box.

8. Chris Pronger

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    Chris Pronger: 1993-Present

    Chris Pronger has a reputation for being a dirty player.  In 2008 Pronger received an eight game suspension for stomping on Canucks' Ryan Kesler's leg.

    Pronger had been suspended numerous times for his "unconventional" plays.

7. Marty McSorley

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    Marty McSorley: 1982-2001

    Marty McSorley became a household name with his infamous assault on Donald Brashear in 2000. 

    McSorley was originally suspended 23 games, and it was later drawn out to a full year.

    McSorley was found guilty for assault with a weapon and ended his career in shame.

6. Tahir Domi

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    Tahir "Tie" Domi:  1989-2006

    Tie Domi was an enforcer for the Toronto Maple Leafs.  Five years after his retirement, Domi still holds the Maple Leafs record for penalty minutes (2,265) and penalty minutes in a season (365).

    Like many others on this list, Domi had a history of discipline problems and suspensions.

5. Darcy Tucker

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    Darcy Tucker:  1995-2010

    Tucker injured Islander's captain Michael Peca during the 2002 playoffs with a low hit to the captain's knees.  Tucker was not punished for his hit, and he again got off without punishment in 2008 after clipping Nick Schultz. 

    Tucker played hard and physically, and earned his role as an agitator.

4. Claude Lemieux

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    Claude Lemieux:  1983-2003, 2008-2009

    Claude Lemieux is considered by many as the originator of the Colorado Avalanche, Detroit Red Wings rivalry.  Lemieux hit Red Wings' Kris Draper from behind, ending his season and forcing him to undergo facial reconstructive surgery. 

    Lemieux was punished with a two game suspension, and the interest of every Red Wings enforcer for years to come.

3. Sean Avery

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    Sean Avery:  2000-Present

    Sean Avery has long been known as a pest.  In 2008 Avery was enshrined in NHL legend by becoming the basis for the "Avery Rule".

    Avery agitated Martin Brodeur so much Brodeur refused to shake Avery's hand during the ceremonial handshake at the end of a playoff series.

    In 2008 Avery was also suspended by the NHL and later dropped by the Dallas Stars organization after making derogatory statement's towards Dion Phaneuf and girlfriend Elisha Cuthbert.

2. Matthew Cooke

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    Matthew "Matt" Cooke:  1998-Present

    Matt Cooke is considered by many the dirtiest hockey player in the NHL.  Cooke was recently suspended four games by the NHL for his boarding hit on Fedor Tyutin. 

    Cooke's résumé of dirty hits include; head shot on Marc Savard, knee-on-knee hit on Alexander Ovechkin and numerous other accounts.

    Cooke became the NHL's poster boy for illegal hits to the head after his hit on Savard.

1. Todd Bertuzzi

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    Todd Bertuzzi:  1995-Present

    Todd Bertuzzi was go down in infamy for his cheap shot on Colorado's Steve Moore.  Bertuzzi assaulted Moore in 2008 as retribution for an earlier game in which Moore injured captain and league leading scorer Marcus Naslund.

    Bertuzzi broke Moore's neck and ended his career.  Bertuzzi was suspended 20 games by the NHL and later pled guilty for assault resulting in bodily harm.

    Todd Bertuzzi will always have this dark stain on his career, and thus earns his place as the most hated player.