NCAA Football: UConn's Johnny McEntee, Greatest College Quarterback Ever?

Jason ClaryCorrespondent IFebruary 10, 2011

This guy is having a drink to Johnny McEntee
This guy is having a drink to Johnny McEnteeElsa/Getty Images

Before you read about the uncompromisable, amazing Johnny McEntee, do yourself a favor and witness the greatest highlight reel of all-time further down the page.

Did you watch it? If you didn't, now would be the time to do so.

So what did you think?

Baffled that this kid isn't on the Heisman ballot? Are you thinking to yourself, "Why isn't this kid on the cover of a Wheaties box?"

What is even more baffling than the video is the fact that McEntee hasn't seen daylight on the depth chart in his three seasons as a player on the Huskies.

McEntee's video is the greatest piece of media valor that has hit YouTube since the Numa Numa guy. Now that he has all of this popularity, he can use his new-found sex-appeal to do the opposite of Tim Tebow (that shouldn't need any explaining).

Why make it rain with one-dollar bills when you can do it with a football?

If a crime has been committed and a football was left behind, I can give you the name of the first suspect—and that is Johnny McEntee.

What is the difference between Mark Sanchez and Johnny Mac? You guessed it, McEntee doesn't throw like a 12-year-old girl.

On a scale of one-to-ridiculous, this video is a Johnny Max.

At least now, Carolina has a great quarterback to select at the first pick of the 2011 NFL Draft. Yeah Andrew Luck, that's right, Carolina doesn't need you or your diploma.

Both Jimmy Clausen and McEntee can throw footballs that defy the laws of physics; however, Clausen tends to do it in a really, really bad way.

If there is one thing that could break the hair fortress of Mel Kiper Jr., it is a ball thrown by McEntee.

McEntee traveled back in time to Nov. 9, 1989 to destroy the Berlin Wall with a single toss of the pigskin.

If you put McEntee in a giant cage with a half-dozen ravenous tigers and one football, he would tame those beasts into house-dwelling kittens.

Give it up for McEntee, the greatest being that ever was.