2011 Fantasy Football Rankings Part 1: Aaron Rodgers Top QB? Who Is The #1 RB?

Justis MosquedaFeatured ColumnistFebruary 9, 2011

Pro-Bowler Adrian "AD" Peterson is my number one ranked RB for fantasy football in 2011.
Pro-Bowler Adrian "AD" Peterson is my number one ranked RB for fantasy football in 2011.Kent Nishimura/Getty Images

One of the biggest things for NFL fans for the offseason is the drafting, adding and dropping of their fantasy teams. This is how I would rank my fantasy prospects heading into the 2011 season:


QBs-Top 25

1 Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay  
2 Michael Vick, Philadelphia 
3 Philip Rivers, San Diego 
4 Peyton Manning, Indianapolis 
5 Drew Brees, New Orleans 
6 Tom Brady, New England 
7 Matt Ryan, Atlanta 
8 Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh 
9 Joe Flacco, Baltimore 
10 Jay Cutler, Chicago 
11 Tony Romo, Dallas 
12 Josh Freeman, Tampa Bay 
13 Matt Cassel, Kansas City 
14 Matt Schaub, Houston 
15 Carson Palmer, Cincinnati 
16 Eli Manning, New York Giants
17 Matthew Stafford, Detroit 
18 Sam Bradford, St. Louis 
19 Mark Sanchez, New York Jets
20 Tim Tebow, Denver 
21 Ryan Fitzpatrick, Buffalo 
22 David Garrard, Jacksonville 
23 Colt McCoy, Cleveland 
24 Chad Henne, Miami 
25 Jason Campbell, Oakland 

RBs-Top 25

1 Adrian Peterson, Minnesota 
2 Chris Johnson, Tennessee 
3 Ray Rice, Baltimore 
4 Jamaal Charles, Kansas City 
5 Maurice Jones-Drew, Jacksonville 
6 Darren McFadden, Oakland 
7 Rashard Mendenhall, Pittsburgh 
8 Frank Gore, San Francisco 
9 Arian Foster, Houston 
10 LeSean McCoy, Philadelphia 
11 Jonathan Stewart, Carolina 
12 Peyton Hillis, Cleveland 
13 Steven Jackson, St. Louis 
14 Matt Forte, Chicago 
15 Knowshon Moreno, Denver 
16 Ahmad Bradshaw, New York Giants
17 DeAngelo Williams, Carolina/Free Agency 
18 Michael Turner, Atlanta 
19 Ryan Matthews, San Diego 
20 LeGarrette Blount, Tampa Bay 
21 Jahvid Best, Detroit 
22 Ryan Grant, Green Bay 
23 C.J. Spiller, Buffalo 
24 Chris Wells, Arizona 
25 Shonn Greene, New York Jets


Interesting notes:

The top two QB's on the list have had injury concerns this year, but they are heads above the other potential QB's point wise so it doesn't effect the rankings. Only one of my RB's I am not totally sold on and that would be Williams because I'm not sure where exactly he will land, but he is a good talent and that is enough to get him up in the top twenty. I think that the sophomore studs this year will be Matthews, Blount, Spiller, McCoy, Tebow and Bradford. Don't be surprised if Foster drops in his fantasy points, it wouldn't surprise me if he wasn't even the starting RB by the end of the year in Houston.