Randy & Ryan Couture And The Sport's Top 5 Fighting Families

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Randy & Ryan Couture And The Sport's Top 5 Fighting Families

For most families, fighting is a part of everyday life.

We all know the scenario. It’s Monday night after dinner, and football is on at the same time as American Idol. It’s Mom vs. Dad, with the Undisputed “Universal Remote Control” championship on the line. Based on past encounters, it looks like another night of bad singing and Steven Tyler for old Daddy-O.

Or how about the epic “my side of the room, your side of the room” battles, which are a hallmark of every sibling that has had to share a room, ever?

Then there’s the pranks. The stolen toys. The secretly read diaries. The badly hidden lumps of broccoli trying to sneak their way past after-dinner muster under a folded napkin.

In short, fighting is just a natural part of family life. We all remember these squabbles. And yet, I’m willing to bet they don’t hold a candle to the fights these families have likely had.

Can you imagine being the one who has to break up a squabble between the Rua's? The stare down alone would have me fleeing the room.

Or how about trying to get the Nogueria brothers to eat their vegetables? If they can take a Cro Cop kick or Alastair Overeem knee and keep coming, they would laugh at a “spanking.”

And just trying to get the Emelianenko brothers to smile for a family photo would be an exercise in futility.  
Luckily, we didn’t have to go through the trouble of raising these fearsome fighting families - we just get to watch them in action.

Here are the 5 greatest families in MMA history, starting with the “first family” of Mixed Martial Arts.

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