Open Letter To The Houston Astros: Get Over It

Colin CoulahanCorrespondent ISeptember 22, 2008

Dear Houston Astros,

Sorry about your record this year.  Everyone had high hopes after signing Brandon Backe, Ty Wigginton, and Dave Borkowski.  Shawn Chacon was a nice addition too.  And boy I'm sure you felt really good about beating the Red Sox for the first time ever. 

Sure, you got eliminated from the division title by the Cubs, but hey, only four games back from the wildcard!  Of course, you have to hope the Mets, Philadelphia, and Milwaukee suffer huge collapses.  But hey, a chance is better than no chance right?

Look, we all know that Bud Selig is an idiot.  He is.  He doesn't deserve to rake up the infield dirt, but there he is, commissioner of the league.  But, seriously, he didn't stir up Hurricane Ike.

Yes, there were closer stadiums.  Yes, it could have been a doubleheader.  It made absolutely no sense to travel to "Wrigley-north" for you guys.  But that is the card you were dealt, and you need to man up and deal with it.

Life isn't fair, and it never will be.  You got the short end of the stick.  You were on the bad side of a no-hitter, and even though I have never played professional baseball I am positive that's never a good feeling.  But to blame Bud Selig is childish.

It is.  To blame others for your shortcomings is childish.  Even if Bud Selig only cares about money and wanted the came to go on, even though there are better options this is the one he chose—you guys go to Milwaukee and play ball in a place that is too far to be considered home.

To wear shirts that say it's Bud's fault is stupid.  You look like children.  Maybe if you had played better ball during the season your playoff chances wouldn't have been down to the wire.  It's time to accept the fact that you guys got hosed.  Put it behind you, and get over it. 

There are six games left in the season boys.  It's time to put down the finger and pick up a bat—you've got work to do.