WrestleMania 28 : Could The Rock Take On The Undertaker and The Streak

Justin MorganCorrespondent IFebruary 22, 2011

The Rock has recently returned to host WrestleMania 27, and it has people around the wrestling community debating how long he will be back for and what his role will be. It seems many believe the WWE is going to let us down and the Rock will have a limited role until WrestleMania and no role after WrestleMania.

I am not one of those people, though. Even though I do not believe the "never going away" thing, I think he will be here after WrestleMania. It may not be on a weekly basis, but The Rock will be relevant in some way.

As far as WrestleMania 27 is concerned, The Rock will be more than just a host. He is bigger than that and the people that buy the event because of him will be pissed if his role is limited. It would not only hurt the WWE, but The Rock's credibility as well.

At his return at Raw, The Rock called out two superstars, The Miz and John Cena. Surprise, surprise, The Miz and John Cena will be in the main event at WrestleMania 27. This leaves me with two obvious scenarios: John Cena vs. The Miz vs. The Rock (doubtful) and John Cena vs. The Miz with the Rock as the special guest referee.

This would be intriguing, as The Rock has called out both. This match would be remembered less for who wins and more for both participants falling victim to The Rock Bottom at the end of the match. Imagine The Rock standing tall as the audience erupts.

It is highly unlikely that The Rock has returned to the WWE primarily as a wrestler; however, I think he will eventually wrestle in a few matches. So what will his role be?

It seems unlikely that he is the Raw GM, since during his Raw speech Michael Cole did receive an email from the anonymous Raw GM. However, this could be a ploy to throw people off, or it could be that he is not the Raw GM.

I believe that The Rock will have not really have a specific role at all. I think he will come around enough to keep ratings up and just Layeth the Smacketh Down On Some Candyasses. People will tune in to Raw each week to see if The Rock will show up.

This would be good for both WWE ratings and The Rock's schedule. I also think The Rock is a big enough star to keep this going for a year without seeming overdone.

Around Royal Rumble time 2012 is when I think The Rock's role will start to pick up. A feud will be born to give the Rock one more WrestleMania moment at WrestleMania 28 in Miami. Being inducted into the Hall of Fame and having a spotlight at WrestleMania in Miami, where he is beloved, is perfect.

This feud could be with none other than The Undertaker. It's fairly obvious that The Undertaker will be taking on HHH at WrestleMania 27, but I think the streak will remain unblemished. Even HHH, who could pretty much get what he wants, knows better than to end the streak. It's too important to the WWE.

A win this year would put the streak at 19. At WrestleMania 28, the WWE would be stupid not to play that up as much as possible. Who better than The Rock could make this a HUGE event? Nobody!

Both superstars are capable of putting on a great match, with the possibility of outdoing Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker at WrestleMania. Those are big shoes to fill, but it can definitely be done.

WrestleMania 28 could be the last big event for both stars, and The Undertaker could ride off into the sunset with a 20-0 record at the granddaddy of them all. At this point it would be a bad move to have him lose, and he can't wrestle forever.

As much as everyone would like him to be, The Rock will not be around forever either. His days of being on center stage in the WWE are over, why not give him one more huge send off at WrestleMania the weekend he is inducted into the Hall of Fame?

This may be just some WWE fantasy, but I think the WWE as a whole will benefit from the significance of this match. Younger fans of today don't understand the power of The Rock, as proven on RAW when people were chanting for Cena when The Rock called him out.

The WWE would get the chance to send two Hall of Famers into retirement in what may quite possibly be the best way ever!

Let me know what you think of this possibility, agree or disagree.