10 Reasons why the Miami Dolphins will make the Playoffs

Joshua EfthimiadesContributor ISeptember 22, 2008

Well before I give you these 10 magnificent and totally agreeable reasons why the Miami Dolphins will make the playoffs. Let me congratulate Joey Porter on being the luckiest man in Miami. I mean, how many times does an athlete make a prediction and have it come true? Well ever since the Babe liked to do that thing where he pointed to the fence then hit a home-run, it hasn't happened all to often. Ala Chad Ocho Cincos (Johnson) statement saying he'll rack up 2,500 yards receiving in 07. Yeah nice one Chad. You were only a thousand yards off. But back to the point. Joey, you dodged an inexperienced, third start of his career, bullet. And to add to that you also picked up two sacks on that bullet.

Yet this is the beginning of a long season for the Patriots and a possibly exciting one for Pennington, Brown, Williams and the rest of the fins. Here 10 reasons why the Miami Dolphins will make the playoffs in one of the wild card spots.

# 1- Everything Bill Parcells touches, turns to gold. Whether it be a pro football team that has potential or possibly the worst Pop Werner team ever to be assembled ( 2007 Miami Dolphins ) He was truly one of the best leaders ever to coach the game and now a season saving Executive Vice President.


Bill Parcells

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#6- Ronnie Brown is back and is looking to start where he left off last year (THE LEAGUE LEADER IN RUSHING YARDS) and finish what he started. I mean 113 yards on 17 carries is pretty good. But that's not the stat that pops out when you look at the box score. It's his 4 rushing touchdowns! Three of them from the direct snap! What else can a defense be thinking when a running back is in the shotgun?

#7- Ronnie Brown and Chad Pennington make an awesome QB tandem. With Chad hitting the short dump passes and the lazy lobs and Ronnie throwing the deep ball, they can hit every spot on the field.

#8-Not only do they have two QB's, they also have two RB's. Ronnie Brown has proved that he can carry the load and sometimes throw it too. But compliment him with that guy from the University of Texas who does Yoga, the dolphins have an unstoppable tandem. After Ronnie Brown ran and threw for five touchdowns and 113 yards, Ricky Williams came in and ran for 98 yards on 16 carries for himself. He also provided the fake for a trio of Brown's td's. It seems sorta like a thunder and lightning type of tandem. Of course the thunder packs some lightning.

#9-Whatever Joey Porter says, goes. He says the Dolphins will take care of the Casserole loving Patriots. And guess what happens, They take care of them. They take them to their own house, They take them to the point of humiliation, and they take them to the point of not making Joey Porter look like an overconfident Idiot.

#10- They have already proved that they can beat the (still) best team in the division and hang with the Jet Favre and the Bretts! It's only a matter of time til they beat those unbeatable Bills.Chuckle Trent Edwards Chuckle Chuckle. And with the rest of the once mighty AFC seemingly falling apart. (Colts 1-2, Bengals 1-2, Jaguars 1-2, and the 0-2 Chargers) It might be ripe for the Dolphins to sneak in 9 wins and become a playoff team.