Anderson Silva Wins Again: Is The Superfight Just Around The Bend?

Anthony BarattaContributor IFebruary 9, 2011

Will Anderson Silva ever lose again?  It's tough to see how....
Will Anderson Silva ever lose again? It's tough to see how....Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Anderson Silva has continued to dominate at UFC events. Saturday night at UFC 126, Silva retained his middleweight title, against Vitor Belfort. 

This was Silva’s eighth straight title-defense, a MMA record. 

The bout did not last very long. A few minutes in the first round, Silva landed a monstrous kick to Belforts jaw, sending Belfort to the canvas. Referee Mario Yamasaki, jumped in to stop the fight as soon as Belfort hit the ground.

So where does Silva go from here?

He’s 35 years-old, and still able to take on almost every challenge thrown his way.  Now he might be faced with his toughest obstacle yet.  

Welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre seems to be the next in line to face Silva. UFC President Dana White has stated that, provided St-Pierre beats challenger Jake Shields, the “super fight” is likely to happen.

However, jumping weight classes may be a major mistake on St-Pierre’s part. 

Silva has shown to be an absolute lethal force. He is able to rebound quickly from being knocked to the ground, and his counterstrike ability is second to none. 

Silva’s strike ability is among the best in MMA. He is so precise on these strikes that opponents are unable to react, or defend well against his offense. 

However, St. Pierre might be the best matchup for Silva. He has a wrestling style that loves to work on the ground.

That could cause Silva some major problems since his weakest part of his style, is his ground game. Nonetheless, it’s hard to figure how St-Pierre could keep up with Silva’s speed. 

Fans are anxiously awaiting this fight. However, if it does happen there is a lot of risk for UFC. 

St-Pierre would likely have to add 20-30 pounds of muscle to move up to the middleweight division. With that his speed might be greatly diminished, and could turn this “super fight” into a “super-dud.” 

St-Pierre would probably accept this fight, but it might turn out to be the worst mistake of his career. Silva is one of the most dominant fighters in UFC history.

Could St. Pierre even hope to get through one round? Conventional wisdom says no.