All Was Not Great, But OSU Will Still Compete in 2008!!

Jordan FurbeeContributor IJanuary 8, 2008

Although the last two years have been let downs and a disappointment for the Buckeye football team and their fans, but people really should take a step back and look at this decade differently.

As of this past season the Buckeyes have compiled a record of 81-20, with 4 Big Ten Championships, 5 BCS berths including 3 berths in the NC game and have been in a bowl game every year. Some schools can only dream of these numbers!

But in the days of the SEC's dominance and the USC teams that ESPN heralds as "The Best Team Ever" almost every year, Buckeye fans can't help but appear spoiled and selfish. I know it's hard to look past getting embarrassed twice in the big game, but in the grand schemes of everything, this really can be seen as the glory days of OSU football.

You can debate that the late '60s and into the mid '70s were better when Woody coached the team to two National Championships and 9 Big Ten Championships, including six consecutive outright or shared titles from '72 to '77.

However, under Tressel the Buckeyes have consistently been the best in the nation and can always count on being competitive and in the hunt for college football's ultimate prize. Which is why the team will be near the top again next year. I'll throw out a pre-season top 5 for what it's worth since this year's top 5 didn't stay the same for long.

#1. USC

#2. Florida

#3. Georgia

#4. OSU

#5. Oklahoma

And I can even see the Buckeyes in Miami for the NC game again next year, say what you want about the big Ten (pun intended) but the Bucks can't help where they play and they look to be the favorite again. Their schedule shouldn't be an issue this year, since they play @ USC the 3rd game of the year. I'll even predict that they play USC or Florida in the big game and win the whole thing (3rd times the charm right?) But if another '07 is in store for College Football, all this might be totally false.