Sergio Martinez vs. Sergei Dzinziruk: Who Will Pull Off the Victory?

edgar solorzanoContributor IIIFebruary 8, 2011

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ - NOVEMBER 20:  Sergio Martinez and Paul Williams exchange punches during their Middleweight Championship fight on November 20, 2010 at The Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Al Bello/Getty Images

Argentine's Middleweight champion Sergio "Maravilla" Martinez (46-2-2, 25 KOs) will battle in the square-circle against the undefeated WBO junior middleweight champ Sergei Dzinziruk (37-0, 23 KOs) of Ukraine at the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, CT. The fight will be televised on HBO and will be competing against Showtime's Cotto-Mayorga event.

Sergio Martinez is coming off an incredible powerful second-round knockout over Paul Williams; the knockout shocked the world and gave Matinez a golden name. November was a major month for Martinez, he stole the fight-fans hearts and convince the majority that he is a real threat to any warrior. Although Sergio Martinez is currently ranked No. 3 in the pound for pound list, his opponent Dzinziruk, won't be that easy to conquer. Sergei Dzinziruk is coming off a 10th round TKO victory over Daniel Dawson and many believe he has a good chance against the Argentine warrior.

As much as I respect both fighters, I believe Sergio Martinez will be too talented and active for the Ukrainian champ. At this time, Martinez's confidence is bigger than an atomic bomb explosion. However, Dzinziruk is a warrior that is willing to risk his undefeated record in order to earn the respect his been searching for years.

The ugly truth is that Sergei Dzinziruk may never finish his mission if he loses to Sergio Martinez. He may end up searching for that answer for a long time...longer than a scientist searching for Bigfoot. This is technically his golden chance to get recognized and earn the respect he has been asking for. However, the nature of the sweet science will decide if he gets that invisible gold medal.

There are many reasons why I believe Sergio Martinez will be too much for the Ukrainian champ, and perhaps Martinez may pull off the victory by KO. Although I have several reasons why Dzinziruk will fail to satisfy his soul, I will only stress five reasons.

Reason No. 1: Sergio Martinez is a quick southpaw with great heart. Not only is he quick, but has incredible footwork and knows how to move around the ring unlike the average modern middleweight warrior who relies on his power too often.

Reason No. 2: Martinez has faced more talented fighters and has timed punches and combinations quite well against them. He is very quick and active. Sergio Martinez is a fighter that loves to go in and out, and when facing an opponent like Dzinziruk it will make it easier for Sergio. Why? Sergei Dzinziruk commits several mistakes that will hurt his chances of winning: his footwork, combinations and reactions are quite slow. Therefore he may struggle against the Argentine warrior. Martinez will most likely be too fast for Dzinziruk; one quick blink and he may feel the force of a meteor hitting his jaw.

Reason No. 3: Dzinziruk tends to hop around too often when getting attacked by his opponent. That will give him major problems and will make it difficult for the Ukrainian champ to set up his combinations and footwork. When fighters hop around, they will most likely be half a second late. As the majority of the people know, being late is never good. There's always someone that will teach you a lesson for being late.

Reason No. 4: If Sergei Dzinziruk wants to defeat Martinez. He will need to correct a lot of mistakes. Sergei moves around the ring slowly, however, the problem is that he moves left the majority of the time. He only follows one direction as he had a tunnel vision. Another major mistake he will need to correct is his uppercut. Dzinziruk leaves his face completely open when throwing uppercuts, and will need to watch out if he happens to use them against Martinez. We all saw the tremendous left hook that knocked out Paul Williams. Martinez's left hook has incredible power and no fighter's chin should tested.

Reason No. 5: Although I mentioned several mistakes that Sergei commits when battling in the ring, I do believe he has a great jab; it's pretty powerful and always uses it. It almost seems like his jab is stronger than his left hook. However, his jab will not be enough to win the battle. Sergei will need more weapons in order to get that victory. Although it's been proven before, it's not always about the weapons the warriors carry, but the technique and heart is what matters. It's the simple things that will make a difference. Three simple things that Dzinziruk could do to increase his chances of winning are getting lower body and head movement, and and working on his timing since he already has good punching power.

March 12 will be an interesting day for these two warriors. We have two distinct fighters from two different continents with odd styles. One wants that invisible gold medal, while the other wants to be crowned pound for pound king one day. Only one warrior will get closer to his goal. At this moment the answer is a mystery that not even a detective can solve, however, only time will tell who will be crowned in March.