Alabama Football: Things We Learned and Monday Message Board 9/22

Nic GulasSenior Analyst ISeptember 22, 2008

Hey Guys,

For the third week of this very short season, Alabama managed to completely dominate their opponent again. 

It may not have been to the same extent as a previous game, but there was no doubt in this game.

Things We Learned This Weekend

  • This running game is quite deadly.  Just like any Nick Saban coached team, Alabama has a stable of running backs.  Glen Coffee, Roy Upchurch, Mark Ingram and Terry Grant are combining to lead the SEC in rushing so far this season and have racked up more than 600 yards over the past two games.  Of course, all of this couldn't be possible without five guys who have been making a huge difference.
  • A complete Alabama offensive line will always get a push.  We knew the domination against the Clemson front four was a good sign, but there was no idea that this line would cause such big holes for a prolific running game.  If this line continues to get this push, running the ball should be no problem against any line. 
  • John Parker Wilson embodies the swagger of this team.  He may not always be the most efficient or best passer every Saturday, but he has become a leader for this team and is the epitome of the new attitude this team has.  In case you missed it, after JPW got nailed in the 3rd quarter for a roughing the passer penalty, Arkansas defensive end Demario Ambrose got in his face.  All JPW did was put his arm around Ambrose, pointed to the scoreboard and said, "Look at that!  Just look at that!"  They were looking at Alabama 42, Arkansas 7.
  • This team is starting to get serious notice, but is still overshadowed.  Some national pundits are starting to realize that Alabama is now a threat to win the SEC West, but there are still many who say that this past weekend's game between Auburn and LSU creates the West favorite.  Maybe some people need to see more from this Alabama team, and they will get a chance this weekend as #8 Alabama will travel to #3 Georgia for an ESPN national primetime broadcast and a second College Gameday visit of the season.

So, with national eyes all on Alabama and Georiga this weekend, the Tide will be facing their first real test of the season on Saturday. 

As I said earlier, Alabama brings the #1 rushing offense in the SEC against the #1 rushing defense in the SEC in Georgia. 

Then, there will also be the crowd, as Georgia apparently needs an extra little push to beat Bama, so the seniors have called for a Blackout against Alabama. 

In response, Alabama fans are calling for all of their fans to show up in white so the Tide can see their support clearly in a visiting stadium. 

Now, with all of this, we finally get to this week's topic. 

What is the key for Alabama this week if they want to beat Georgia?

Will Alabama need some more offense?   Does the defense need to step up big time?  How about keeping a huge running game in tact?  Or does none of that matter and Alabama just needs to start hoping for luck?

As always, you can leave your opinion below or write an article on this week's topic. 

That's all for this week, guys.

Thanks and Roll Tide,