Fabregas Placed Gunners As Title Challengers, So No Dissing Him

Jamie PeltierContributor IFebruary 8, 2011

Arsenal 4 points behind Manchester United
Arsenal 4 points behind Manchester United

I was disappointed in reading an ESPN article completely targeting Arsenal captain, Cesc Fabregas, for “blowing-up” during an Everton match last week.

This article angered many fans, who commented back claiming the article had no substance and gave ESPN no credibility.

Apparently, Cesc swore at the ref in the tunel during half-time. Big deal.

First off, it’s off the field so leave it be. Cesc is supposed to stick up for the team, talk to the ref and be the club’s voice (for the players and fans). He can’t be quiet about things; calls need to be discussed.

The article also concluded with Cesc’s bench-sitting future at FCB. Fabregas will indeed return to Barcelona and will be playing alongside Iniesta and Xavi as a third playmaker to the team. He assisted the World Cup winning goal, he’s young and has only a bright future ahead of him.

Fabregas is young, but still a senior for Gunners and has influenced the team in a positive way, along with Robin van Persie.

Fabregas was quoted saying, “I respect officials;” well, we all do and we all don’t at times. They make good calls they make bad ones. It’s definitely not that easy to keep your cool during a game (maybe if your Messi).

So with that being said, there are more interesting and better things to be writing about, especially under the ESPN name and especially during the transfer season.

By the way…Cesc isn’t the only one complaining on the field (how surprising!) Someone shared this screenshot on Twitter. No wonder Crackovia makes fun of Ronaldo complaining all the time.

Couldn’t help but laugh. Here is your hero, Real Madrid!

After probably losing the ball, Ronalado stands with his arms on his hip, pouting. Typical.

Teamwork. Ronaldo is an amazing soccer player and has unbelievable footwork, but when he screws up or is beat by someone, he is no happy camper.

It’s Cristiano; there is supposed to be a red carpet laid out for him on the field right to the goal.