Seven Ideas for WWE to Consider in 2011

Eric Kanes@EricKanesContributor IIIFebruary 9, 2011

Seven Ideas for WWE to Consider in 2011

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    The purpose of this article is simple. While World Wrestling Entertainment is the #1 wrestling promotion in the world, it is no secret that ratings are down. PPV buyrates are down. The interest is just not there anymore and I strongly feel that these seven things would make WWE a much more watchable and profitable product.

    Now, there will be nothing extreme mentioned in this article. Nothing like dropping the PG rating, getting rid of all the gimmick pay-per-views, bringing back The Rock as a full-time wrestler, or getting AJ Styles to jump ship from TNA. I won’t mention anything that is impossible or unrealistic. I will simply go over seven simple ideas that WWE can realistically put into effect. Without any further ado, let’s get this thing going.

Focus on Everybody's Strengths, Not Weaknesses.

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    This may seem painfully obvious but this is something that WWE keeps doing wrong. It took them five years to realize that John Morrison is a wrestler, not a comedian. Now, they just have to learn how to focus on the strengths of everybody else.

    Don’t put Daniel Bryan in comedy segments where his weak mic skills are highlighted; let him wrestle 15 minute matches. Don’t let Ezekiel Jackson talk, especially when he’s paired up with Wade Barrett; just book him as a dominant powerhouse. Is it really that hard?

Give Wrestlers a Character.

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    The sad thing is that there are barely any characters in today’s WWE. All we have is a bunch of guys like Dolph Ziggler, Ted DiBiase, & Curt Hawkins who are all the same young, cocky heel and the only way that they differentiate is with their hairstyles and trunks. Why is Ted DiBiase not the “Fortunate Son” who will buy his way to victory? Why does R-Truth rap only one song rather than rap about his opponents like John Cena did? These guys can really get over if they are given the proper character.

    Keep in mind that all of today’s main eventers got over with a character. Randy Orton was “The Legend Killer.” Edge was the “Rated R Superstar.” John Cena was “The Doctor of Thuganomics.” None of today’s midcarders stand out which is why none of them are really getting over.

Wish Hornswoggle and the Bella Twins the Best in Their Future Endeavors.

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    Nobody likes to lose their job. I don’t, you don’t, nobody does. However, these guys bring nothing to the table and waste valuable TV time, which is why they need to go. I can understand WWE wanting to add the “entertainment” aspect to the show, but these guys aren’t entertaining nor are they merchandise draws. Hornswoggle’s act has gotten old in the five years that he’s been with the company and the Bella Twins have no talent, period. The time wasted on these guys could be added to a Daniel Bryan or John Morrison match, or could be used for character development for one of the midcarders.

Tell Jerry Lawler to Retire.

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    This guy has been the color commentator on RAW for 17 years and he is way past his prime. His jokes have gotten old, he has horrible chemistry with Michael Cole, and his commentary deteriorates the quality of RAW. He can easily be replaced by Matt Striker, who recently got removed from the SmackDown announce team, or William Regal, who is a solid mic worker set to retire later this year. Lawler brings nothing to the table anymore which is why he needs to be replaced.

Lower the Cost of Pay-Per-Views.

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    This is not what it looks like. I am not saying that WWE should lower the cost only because of the decreasing economy or just for the hell of it like most fans.

    I understand that they are running a business.

    I am saying this because I recently got a promotional advertisement that stated that if you order Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, and WrestleMania 27, you will receive a $50 gift card to If you do the math, that is a $195 value that WWE is giving away for $145. Logically, wouldn’t it just make more sense to lower the price of the PPVs to $31.99 each? WWE would still earn the same amount of revenue but this would make fans more likely to order pay-per-views, especially considering that they plan on raising the number of PPVs to as much as 15 a year.

Stop Booking Every Heel Like a Coward.

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    It is OK for some heels to be cowardly. It worked with Ric Flair in the past and it’s working with The Miz right now.

    However, there is a problem when every heel is booked like a coward. Even Sheamus, who is billed to be 6’6” and 275 pounds, runs away from all babyfaces. That is not how every heel should be booked. WWE needs to realize that there is a difference between looking smart and looking weak.

Book Big Guys As Monsters, Not Dancers.

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    I don’t know who has an obsession with giving all of the monster heels dancer gimmicks, but it needs to stop.


    WWE managed to turn The Great Khali, who was initially booked as a 7’3”, 420 pound monster into a joke with the “Punjabi Playboy” character. Vladimir Kozlov and Mark Henry may not be technical masters but at one point in their careers they were actually made out to look like serious threats to the top guys. Now, both of them are comedy characters on RAW who are frequently used in dance-off segments.

    I really don’t get it. Why book them like this? This goes back to my point about the necessity of highlighting the wrestlers’ strengths, rather than their weaknesses. The highest point of these guys’ careers was when they were monster heels and if they don’t go back to the way they were before, all of them have a good chance of being “future endeavored” by the end of the year.

    WWE has a lot of good things going at the moment but I believe that these seven things can really improve the product.

    What do you guys think? Do you agree with my ideas? What ideas would you suggest to WWE? I look forward to seeing your feedback. My review of SmackDown called "Smack Talk" will be up this Friday night so make sure to tune in but until then, I am out.