Milestone Mania: National Leauge Edition

Sam DresslerContributor ISeptember 22, 2008

Have you ever wanted to know what milestones your favorite players could reach in the near future?  This list will tell you how many games left that they have to reach a historic day in their career, what teams they are predicted to break it against, and on what day it will happen.  I have arranged each team by alphabetic order by league that they play in.  I have also picked one player from each team.

National League:

Arizona Diamondbacks:  Adam Dunn should hit his 200th double of his career on 9/28/08 against the Colorado Rockies.  He is currently on number 199.

Atlanta Braves:  Chipper Jones is predicted to reach 1400 career RBI by 5/18/09 against the Colorado Rockies and he should hit his 415th career home run which would put him 41st all time above Darell Evans on 5/16/09 against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Chicago Cubs:  Alfonso Soriano is predicted to be up to bat for the 5000 time in his career on 4/21/09 against the Cincinnati Reds.

Cincinnati Reds:  Cory Patterson should steal his way to 200 bases with 181 stolen bases to date on 7/30/09 against the San Diego Padres.

Colorado Rockies:  Todd Helton could reach the 2000 hit parade by 5/16/09 against the Pittsburgh Pirates.  He is currently on hit number 1957.

Florida Marlins:  Louis Gonzalez could pass Barry Bonds as 14th all time with 602 doubles on 5/03/09 against the Chicago Cubs.  He currently has 596.

Houston Astros:  Lance Berkman will reach the 300 HR mark on 6/09/09 against the Chicago Cubs.  He currently has 287 career home runs.

Los Angeles Dodgers:  In order for Manny Ramirez to pass Mickey Mantle as 14th all time on the Home run list, he has to hit 537 home runs by 5/26/09.  He is currently at 526.

Milwaukee Brewers:  Jason Kendall should reach career hit number 2000 on 5/05/09 against the Pittsburgh Pirates. He is currently sitting on hit number 1971.

New York Mets:  Jose Reyes should steal his way to 300 career bases on 5/08/09 against the Pittsburgh Pirates.  He is currently on 286 steals.

Philadelphia Phillies:  Like Jose Reyes, Jimmy Rollins should steal his way to 300 career bases on 4/25/09.  He is currently on 293 career stolen bases.

Pittsburgh Pirates:  Jack Wilson should reach 200 career doubles by 9/27/08 against the San Diego Padres.  He is currently on double number 199.

St. Louis Cardinals:  Look for Albert Pujols to reach 1000 career RBI against the Milwaukee Brewers on 5/16/09.  He has currently knocked in a career 967 runs.

San Diego Padres:  Brian Giles should hit his 300th career home run against the Colorado Rockies on 9/23/09.  He is currently at  home run number 284.

San Francisco Giants:  Without Barry Bonds, Omar Vizquel could be playing in his 2684 game passing Paul Molitor for 29th all time.  He is currently at 2674 games.  This amazing feat could be completed by 4/10/09 against the San Diego Padres.

Washington Nationals:  Dmitri Young should reach his 5000 at bat by 6/21/09 against the Toronto Blue Jays.  He is currently at 4762 at bats in his career.