Lewis Hamilton: Not All Of Britain Supports Him

Mike WilkinsCorrespondent ISeptember 22, 2008

First, I have no doubt at all about Lewis Hamilton's ability. I have no qualms in agreeing with the millions who say he's good. He can drive a racing car. Boy can he drive a racing car. He is one of the rare ones who has a God given talent behind a wheel. Head and shoulders above many of his peers. This is a given.

However, to be considered one of the greatest, he must learn to keep his mouth shut and remember that, so far, he has so far achieved very little.

A number of new F1 drivers would have been where he is now if they had been given the breaks that he has. He is the only real rookie (and I don't count Jacques Villeneuve as a real rookie when he stepped into a Williams) to have stepped into a front running F1 car on his debut season.

Humility: Someone please send him the definition please!

Some of his recent quotes say it all.

"I don't get overtaken, I do the overtaking," (Tell that to Fernando Alonso).

"I don't get overtaken on the outside," (Tell that to Felipe Massa).

"I just moved to cover my line and keep off the wet," (after almost taking Mark Webber off at Monza).

"If the rain would have come, I would have won,'" (Tell that to Sebastian Vettel).

Not to mention, he has made various comments about Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna and his proximity to them.

Lewis has such a profound belief in himself as the greatest alive that he has no compunction about driving others off the road and seeing nothing wrong in it (ask Adrian Sutil, Timo Glock, and Mark Webber).

Luck. How many times has he had a puncture (Hungary), hit the wall (Monaco), or lost gears only for the car to be able to get back to the pits, allowing him to get away with it? I've lost count!

So, in essence, this is not a long article, but one that I just had to start with.

The British press have to bear some of the blame for this, with their almost jingoistic reporting of Saint Lewis. As for ITV F1, well it should be re-named the Lewis Hamilton Love Show. I think Steve Rider wants Lewis's babies! Do they not realize that there are 19 other drivers on the grid?

I think Lewis now believes all of his own hype.

Ok. Enough of this. I hope you get my feelings.

I'm British and bloody proud of it. But, that doesn't mean I have to support Lewis Hamilton!


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