Possible Host For Wrestlemania? The Chosen One Will Be Revealed Next Week On RAW

Iqbal SirajContributor IIFebruary 8, 2011

When Mr. McMahon appeared on RAW which was announced hours before the show, it raised some more unnecessary questions.

How come he came out all smiles when Nexus apparently put him in a coma? How comes he did not mention anything about The Nexus? Furthermore, why did the announcers not question Mr. McMahon's appearance after a coma or tell us the story of his disappearance? Only in the world of the current WWE when they want you to think nothing happened in the past.

We then get a bombshell announcement that next week the Wrestlemania host will be revealed. That was the most disappointing announcement ever. Who gives a Hornswoggle's ass about a Wrestlemania host? Why not reveal that the RAW GM will reveal himself? That will boost ratings. 

OK, so my predictions, and some of you will find stupid and a "never gonna happen" attitude, so here we go.


Justin Bieber

Well obviously the rumors are flying around that McMahon wants him to come and sing at Wrestlemania. What he does not know is that Bieber is the No.1 list of almost everything related to "What the world wants to get rid of." How could he be a blockbuster announcement and a host if all he will do is sing a song that's gonna make females ovulate and kids cry with cheers? Maybe WWE have forgot that Bieber is actually disliked by just as many people as the ones that find him "cute." Imagine the boos he will get, we may even see a repeat of someone chucking a water bottle on him!



Shawn Michaels is a possibility because every Wrestlemania match (well every match in general) he has had, along with Jericho, has been 4 stars or more. Anything he touches turns to gold. And he is WWE's real poster boy. He personifies WWE, he IS Mr. Wrestlemania. But will he really be the host when he is already announced for Hall of Fame? I don't know.


The Rock

The Rock would be the biggest one out of all because of his sheer presence in the entertainment industry and the wrestling industry. He is liked by kids, female and male. He is one of the highest paid actors in the world, and he is one of the most recognised throughout the world for his wrestling and acting abilities.

He would do wonders for WWE, and he did state that he would be interested in coming back in a non-wrestling capacity and try something different, so maybe having a proper host for the first time at a Wrestlemania (although we did have Snoop and Kim Kardashian as hosts) would fit him perfectly. He has the charisma to pull of anything!

Now the not so obvious and will never happen choices, but never say never....



Rumors are running wild because of the 2.21.11 promos and the fact he was removed from the TNA roster page that Sting will be stepping into the WWE world for the first time ever before Wrestlemania, and possibly face Undertaker. I do not see it happening because Undertaker is still 50% and he'll probably come back, but wrestle a short match. We need Sting and 'Taker to be in peak condition to give us a memorable match. Sting is good friends with HBK and Mr. McMahon, but I just don't see him being the host even but you never know.


Randy Savage

Imagine Savage actually comes back to WWE and sorts out his difference with Vince. Randy Savage is another wrestler who filled out arenas everywhere and was huge around the world because of his abilities and the way he looked with those colorful attires. With the announcement of his WWE figures and most recently him being in a WWE game for the first time in over 16 years, and promoting the game himself, could we see him being host in order to promote the game, plus be relevant in the WWE world again? Hmmmm...


A Laptop

WWE think they have gone so high tech with their GM being a Macbook. Well imagine the host of Wrestlemania is actually a Dell Inspiron Duo with a less robotic voice. Well knowing WWE you can't rule that out...


Well there are my picks and please, as always, leave your comments below.