Sting: A New Take on the 2-21-11 Saga and a Possible HOF Induction This Year?

David WhiteheadContributor IFebruary 8, 2011

In case you're not aware, Sting's profile has been taken down from TNA's website.

No doubt everyone will read into this that it's a cert that he is now coming to WWE to wrestle.

Well, I'm a huge Sting/Steve Borden fan, and I would love nothing more than his final match to be with the Undertaker (another of my favourite wrestlers over the years), but let's hold off on that talk and look at another possibility, however unpopular it may seem at the moment:

He will be inducted in the WWE Hall Of Fame this year.

Shawn Michaels was only inducted into the HOF after he retired, even though in most people's eyes, he could have been inducted a few years back and no one would have raised an Rock-style eyebrow. Ric Flair was inducted right at the end (as we thought then) of his career, so although he was still an active wrestler at the time, no doubt a retirement schedule was agreed beforehand.

I think that he has effectively retired, a deal has been done and he will be announced in due course as a HOF inductee (which will no doubt mean an action figure, a tribute DVD and so on).

He did say a while back that he didn't want to wrestle if he couldn't get into the shape he wanted. I also tend to think he is a man of his word, so if he has said in the past that he wouldn't work for Vince, then this would be a deal that gets him the HOF spot that he so richly deserves (even if, I suspect, that his ego doesn't require it) while technically satisfying his honour about not "working" for WWE.

Also, I doubt he would work a two-month storyline only to lose at his only WM appearance and possibly a fairly meaningless 19-0 for 'Taker, more likely a year's buildup for 20-0 and the last match for both of them, if it happens at all.

The much-vaunted "2-21-11" vignette is probably for The Undertaker and Mr. Borden has a HOF ceremony to look forward to, or he's sitting with his feet up in his Venice Beach home, sipping a green tea and chuckling at the maelstrom "that" teaser trailer has caused.