Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold My Disappointment Down: WWE's 2/21/11 Promo Bombs

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIFebruary 8, 2011

Obviously,unless you're living under a rock as a WWE fan,the biggest story of the year is, "Will Sting come to WWE?" The answer is up in the air, and it is now looking even more unlikely day by day.

Ever since last week when the WWE did their 2/21/11 vignette, many were excited because the whole set-up in this video was the likes of something you'd see with Sting.

Sure, having The Undertaker return would be great. He is one of the biggest draws this time of the year and he is synonymous with WrestleMania. You only think of a few names when you think of that event, and Taker's name comes up more times than not as the number one mentioned.

Why? Simply because he is a legend.

The issue is that we know every year he's going to be back around this time. There is no surprise and nothing that will be big for the fans. Even Taker marks who'd want to see the deadman come back realize that if he came back instead of Sting debuting, there would be millions—and I mean MILLIONS—of disappointed fans.

Now, Taker's return was spoiled by the promos at the Save Mart Center in Fresno that said he would be returning on that night. Which leaves one to think, why in God's name would WWE tell the arena about the Undertaker coming back only to realize that they would do a promo for fans either on the radio or television?

Heck, when SmackDown came to Birmingham, AL—my hometown—this past year, they told us what was on the card.

This was done right before tickets went on sale, to help generate ticket buys. This commercial started playing on the radio and TV about a month before the show. And hey, business-wise you'd be moronic not to do what the Save Mart Center did. So, on their side of things, I see no issues. This is all on WWE.

Knowing full well that the arena would promote the event, why would they tell them of the return of the Deadman? Obviously they knew they would promote it, so why do a three-week promo to hype it up, getting everyone excited only to disappoint them with it being Taker?

Obviously the WWE knew they messed up, and had to clear up those Sting rumors quick, which is why they played the Johnny Cash song with the lyrics, "Ain't no grave gonna hold my body down." This is a song well known for The Undertaker. It was even used last year for him in a hype video for WrestleMania.

Also, we know the last time we saw Taker was when he was buried alive.

So when you watch the vignette this week, you realize who it is, which really makes many fans disappointed. Which is sad really, because the return of The Undertaker is supposed to be a big thing.

The video was supposed to hype up Taker, to get fans excited to see him, rather than the potential debut of a man called Sting.

It's idiotic in my mind to even promote Taker's return in the first place. He leaves and returns every year, and the WWE hasn't done a hype up for him like this in so long because the fans expect it. Why do it now when we ALL know he's coming back? Why?

If this is the debut of Sting, the brilliance of the vignette would come to pass. But to those of us who can put two and two together, this video is a hype-up for Taker, not Sting.

We all knew this week more clarification would come up for a new part of the vignette. And many expected to see something giving us the idea that it's Sting, but were given more of an Undertaker clue.

Now, Sting could still debut on 2/21/11. I mean, the man lives in Venice Beach, CA, and the SMC is in Fresno, CA. Not too bad of a trip for The Icon.

However, some sources have said WWE has had zero contact with Sting. Which I think is a load of BS. You have a guy who, yes, is older, but is a massive name in the business and could still go in the ring. Along with this, WrestleMania is in Atlanta this year and they want to make it WCW-themed.

On top of all of that, the WWE signed Booker T and Kevin Nash! So oh yeah, Sting would obviously not be contacted despite not being under contract with TNA and being considered a free agent right now. Heck, if he had a no-compete, it would have expired the first of this month.

Yet WWE has had ZERO contact? Right, and I'm the King of England.

I'm sure Vince McMahon has had contact with Sting, but does he have to tell everyone? Obviously not. And this time of year, the man keeps secrets very well. In fact, last night no one in the back knew of what Vince was going to do in his announcement. It was labeled, McMahon segment on the script.

Proof that Vinny Mac is keeping secrets. Now, everyone is wondering who the guest host is going to be for WrestleMania. Good move by WWE to try and get our minds off Sting, but we all will remember.

If Sting doesn't show up in any way in Fresno, CA, you better believe fans will be ticked. This happening right before 'Mania isn't good for WWE in any way, but I'm just saying.