Eric Bischoff: Kevin Nash Is a Smart Man and That's Why He Went to the WWE

Adam PearsonContributor IFebruary 9, 2011

Hello everyone, and welcome to my debut article on the Bleacher Report! 

Last Thursday was the all important Feb. 3 episode of TNA Impact. It was billed by the company as a pay-per-view quality show that was on free TV. Most importantly, it was the episode where TNA's new "They" would be revealed.

As we all found out, "They" turned out to be Fourtune, none other than AJ Styles, Kazarian, Robert Roode and James Storm. Although this was a huge revelation, this was not the biggest revelation of the night.

That came during Eric Bischoff's opening promo with all of Immortal standing in the ring. During the promo, Bischoff acknowledged the Main Event Mafia would not be returning to TNA.

He went on to say that he personally told Kevin Nash to go dye his hair, get a new action figure and to get paid one last time. As we all know, that's exactly what Kevin Nash did. As if this wasn't enough, Eric Bischoff said Kevin Nash was a smart man for doing so.

So let's get this straight...this is an episode of TNA Impact, which is TNA's flagship show, it's the all important Feb. 3 episode which brought in record ratings, and Eric Bischoff told all of those record amounts of people watching that he told Kevin Nash to go to the WWE and said he was smart for doing so. Now that is a revelation of massive proportions. 

Now understand the likelihood that Eric Bischoff, the man, was simply playing Eric Bischoff, the character, on television, and that he was also likely trying to lessen the blow of Kevin Nash signing with the WWE.

Does that make it right? Absolutely not. What Eric Bischoff did was bush league, and it made TNA look like the inferior company. 

What happened to Eric Bischoff? What happened to the cutthroat promoter that pushed Vince McMahon to the limit and almost put the WWE out of business? Could you imagine Eric Bischoff in 1997 cutting a promo and mentioning that he told one of his WCW wrestlers to go to the WWE to get paid? And could you imagine him telling everyone watching that the wrestler was smart for doing so?

It would have never happened. The only time Eric Bischoff or anybody on WCW television mentioned the WWE was to mock them. WCW did this because it was competing with the WWE, and it truly believed it was the superior company.

Flash forward to 2011. TNA in general mentions the WWE all the time, and Eric Bischoff tells one of the biggest audiences in TNA's history that he told Kevin Nash to go the WWE to get paid one last time. Unbelievable.

The more and more I watch TNA, the more I realize that it truly is inferior to the WWE, and it knows it. Not only does it know it, it accepts it. That is the biggest revelation of them all.