Cleveland QB Woes: Time to Bring in Brady Quinn's Luck Of the Irish?

Nick LutkenhouseContributor ISeptember 21, 2008

As I stare at the tapes and crunch statistics, it is blatantly clear that Cleveland is confused when it comes to righting their football ship.

Braylon Edwards is not as explosive as he was last year, injuries to the offensive line and two big time receivers leave a lot to be desired as far as personall goes. So, how do you get something positive from a season that is slipping away fast?

In reguards to the QB position, you put Brady Quinn in. The group of Quinn supporters, often times reffered to as the "Brady Bunch," have been adimently posting on various forums around the web calling for Derek Anderson's removal. 

After tonights game against Baltimore, I have joined this group of Cleveland fans and agree; it is time some Irish luck be plugged into the starting line-up.

After game one with a rating of 74.0 and 11/24 passes completed I could see that perhaps DA just had a rough game; I mean Dallas is a good team and Edwards didn't exactly help him. 

Game two comes around and he comes out with an 18/32 completion ratio, 44.5 rating, no touchdowns, and two INT's. Hm, that was a very winnable game against Pittsburgh, which only made it that much more important. 

So fine, if they win the next two games against Baltimore and Cinci, all is okay... right?

Well lets get real now; 14/37 competed passes and a rating of 22.9 with two interceptions? I know a lot of statistics are being thrown around right now but this guy is just getting worse and worse.

The Browns drafted Quinn to be the face of the franchise so why does everyone feel bad about benching DA? Because he led the team last year to a 10-6 record? Well, thanks for that but it's not about how well you did, it's what are you doing for me now! 

And Derek, you are not performing for me right now. The fans of Cleveland should have no loyalty to this guy and should think about how to hasten the development of Brady Quinn.

My optimism for this season has died down significantly and I am more excited about the opportunity to use the remainder of this season as a development period for Brady Quinn.

I won't be upset if DA plays in Cinci (even though I want Quinn in). But, if he flounders there, meaning he doesn't return to Pro Bowl Status, then I will be livid over benching him. One more game, that's all I want to give him.