WWE Superstar Edge Retiring Soon? I've Got The Update On The Shocker

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIFebruary 7, 2011

If you know anything about wrestling, you know about WWE. Said to be the most popular organization in the entire world, WWE is where many aspire to get to.

Some don't get the chance, others may get there, but far too late to make anything out of their WWE career, while you have some who flourish in their WWE careers.

One man who has been able to do this is current World Heavyweight Champion, Edge. Edge is arguably one of the most popular wrestlers in the world, and one of Canada's favorite sons.

The man has done it all, whether it's jobbing, mid-carding, or main eventing.

He's considered one of the top tag team specialists out there, with 14 tag team titles in his career with six different partners. Obviously his most famous tag partner is Captain Charisma himself, Christian. The two have seven tag titles.

But, the Rated R Superstar always had a little something management loved. Which is why he won the King of The Ring tournament in 2001, which has been the tournament that launched many into superstar status.

However, Edge seemed to go nowhere with his win of it. It wasn't until four years later that he actually captured World Title gold.

However, throughout his career, he has held numerous secondary titles. Edge is a former five-time Intercontinental Champion and one-time United States Champion.

Lets also not forget his two money in the banks, one of which he won and the other of which he took away from Mr. Kennedy, now known as Mr. Anderson in TNA.

The MITB case he won in the inaugural MITB match in 2005 was cashed in on then-WWE Champion John Cena at New Year's Revolution. After a grueling Elimination Chamber match, a broken John Cena fell victim to Edge's attack.

Edge beat Cena that night to capture his first WWE Title. He now is only the second-ever 10-time World Champion in WWE. The first was Triple H, who now has 13 World Championships.

Ric Flair does have 16, but he won his throughout different companies. Edge and Triple H both won each of their World Titles in WWE.

Let's also not forget he won the WWE Royal Rumble match back in 2010.

I say all of that to say this, Edge has done it all in WWE. There is not one thing Edge hasn't accomplished yet in my opinion. He has been able to do so much while with WWE, and no one even realizes all of his accomplishments.

We forget this man has been in the most TLC/Ladder matches in the history of the WWE. He has been in almost every TLC match done with them.

He has been in as many Elimination Chamber matches as any other, and has been in quite a few steel cage matches. Lets not forget his hardcore match experience either.

Those TLC matches he was in for example. Edge says took over five years off his career. The match in which he speared Jeff Hardy from 30 feet in the air, Edge was on the receiving end of a concussion and was out for about five or six minutes once it happened.

It is not a surprise that last year in a radio interview Edge mentioned that he had up to two or three years tops left with WWE. And really, no one at this point in their career should stick around when they don't have to.

This is why Edge has decided to call it a career so soon obviously.

After a match in Toronto, Ontario with Dolph Ziggler, Edge announced to the audience:

"I might only have a couple more of these visits left in me, and I want to end my career in Toronto. Maybe if Mania is here."

Edge's mother was also on hand for the event.

Adam Copeland, who popularized his Edge character, would love to end his career where it started. But I doubt he would wait for Wrestlemania to come to Toronto if it's five or so years away.

Just look at all he has put himself through and the injuries he has had in his career. Two injuries alone put him out almost a year each.

He has back and neck problems still, and even though we as fans would hate to lose him, only a small part-time schedule would be needed for him if he wants to continue wrestling. Otherwise, I think it's best he stays out of the ring as much as possible.

Edge saying goodbye any time soon would be bad for his fans, but there is nothing left for him to do.

The only thing keeping him around is the fans, and he doesn't need to stick around just to satisfy everyone when he doesn't have to. It's best for him to go within the next few years before he hurts himself even worse.

He is in his mid-30s, so for now he may not have to worry about injuries as often, but in the next few years, he will.

Obviously Edge would love to say goodbye in Toronto. But will it be at Mania? That is yet to be determined. That event is getting as many bids as the Olympics nowadays.

The only two things we know for sure is this. Edge will retire in the next few years, and he is a surefire WWE Hall of Famer when he leaves.

But what do you think? Should Edge go now? Few years? Ever? Let your voice be heard in the comments below


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