UFC 126 Results: The 10 Fastest Finishes in UFC History

Sean SmithAnalyst IFebruary 7, 2011

UFC 126 Results: The 10 Fastest Finishes in UFC History

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    At UFC 126, Kyle Kingsbury overwhelmed Ricardo Romero, finishing him in just 21 seconds. It might not have been one of the 10 fastest finishes in UFC history, but Kingsbury's explosive win didn't miss that distinction by much.

    Finishing fights has been the topic of many MMA discussions recently. As Dana White has said many times, fighters should never leave a fight in the hands of the judges. Also, fans have bemoaned fighters who have been content to stall during a fight and win by decision.

    In some cases, they may be the result of a mismatch or lack of technique, but lightning fast finishes are what fans come to see. Without further delay, here are the 10 fastest finishes in UFC history.

    Don't blink.

9t. Anthony Johnson vs. Chad Reiner (0:13)

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    Anthony Johnson entered the UFC with a fight against Chad Reiner at UFC Fight Night 10. Johnson was able to make an excellent first impression with a 13-second knockout.

    Still with the UFC, Johnson has not fought since November of 2009 due to injury. Johnson is scheduled to make his return to the Octagon against Dan Hardy at UFC Fight Night 24.

    While there is a widespread belief that fighters often have a rough time in their UFC debuts, expect these UFC rookies to become a staple as this list goes on. 

9t. John Lewis vs. Lowell Anderson (0:13)

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    A major influence on the sport, John Lewis' 13-second knockout of Lowell Anderson may have been one of least notable accomplishments he has had. Lewis accomplished great things inside and outside of the Octagon.

    Lewis trained several champions including Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz and Randy Couture. Lewis even trained Dana White and the Fertitta brothers for a short time. Since retiring from MMA, Lewis has become a rather successful actor and entrepreneur. 

9t. Gary Goodridge vs. Paul Herrera (0:13)

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    Gary Goodridge delivered one of the most brutal knockouts in UFC history with his 13-second demolition of Paul Herrera at UFC 8. Herrera attempted to take Goodridge down, but Goodridge trapped Herrera in a crucifix. From there, Goodridge landed multiple elbows.

    At UFC 8, Goodridge would eventually lose to Don Frye in the tournament's final fight. Goodridge would announce his retirement in May of 2010, but fought again in December of the same year. Goodridge is currently on an eight-fight losing streak.

8. Rob Emerson vs. Manny Gamburyan (0:12)

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    A participant on The Ultimate Fighter: Season 5, Rob Emerson earned one of the fastest knockouts in UFC history at UFC 87. Emerson landed a right hand that buckled Manny Gamburyan and a rather weak left hand on the ground was enough to finish the fight.

    No longer with the UFC, Emerson posted a record of 3-3 with one no contest while with the promotion. Rather than this knockout, Emerson might be more well known for that one no contest he had in the UFC. In that fight, Emerson was finished with a slam, but his opponent, Gray Maynard, also knocked himself out.

6t. Duane Ludwig vs. Jonathan Goulet (0:11)

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    Officially recorded as an 11-second knockout, Duane Ludwig actually finished Jonathan Goulet in just four seconds. Despite the impressive performance, Ludwig would leave the UFC for almost four years.

    In his return to the UFC, Ludwig lost his first two fights. In his last fight, Ludwig saved himself from being released with a close decision win over Nick Osipczak.

    Although he doesn't hold the official record, Ludwig is widely recognized for recording the fastest knockout in UFC history.

6t. B.J. Penn vs. Caol Uno (0:11)

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    B.J. Penn burst onto the UFC scene with three knockouts in his first three fights with the promotion. The last of those three fights was, perhaps, the most impressive. In that fight, Penn quickly dispensed of Caol Uno in just 11 seconds.

    Penn has always been one of the most dangerous strikers in MMA, and still is today. Recently, Penn knocked out Matt Hughes only 21 seconds into their rubber match at UFC 123. As a result, Penn will now fight Jon Fitch in a fight that could give the winner a chance to fight for the UFC welterweight championship.

5. Mark Weir vs. Eugene Jackson (0:10)

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    Mark Weir made his UFC debut at UFC 38. Weir wasted no time in finishing his opponent, Eugene Jackson, with a 10-second knockout win. Most fighters would be satisfied with a decision victory in their UFC debut, but Weir made history in his.

    However, the knockout would end up being the only UFC win of Weir's career. After losing his next two fights to Phillip Miller and David Loiseau, Weir was released from the UFC.

4. Gray Maynard vs. Joe Veres (0:09)

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    It's ironic that Gray Maynard makes this list. The subject of many fans' lament when it comes to fighters not finishing fights, Maynard delivered one of the fastest finishes in UFC history at UFC Fight Night 11.

    In that fight, Maynard was able to knock Joe Veres out in just nine seconds. However, Maynard has gone the distance in every single one of his eight fights since this historic finish.

    In his last fight, Maynard nearly was able to claim the UFC lightweight championship from Frankie Edgar. Maynard had Edgar badly hurt early in the fight, but Edgar was able to recover and battle back to retain his title with a draw.

2t. James Irvin vs. Houston Alexander (0:08)

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    A meeting of two fighters who were notorious for finishing fights quickly, James Irvin and Houston Alexander clashed at UFC Fight Night 13. As quick as the fight started, it was over.

    The win over Alexander would turn out to be the last of Irvin's UFC career. Irvin went on to lose three consecutive fights, which resulted in him being cut from the promotion. In 25 career fights, Irvin has only had two fights go to a decision. In fact, those two fights were the only times Irvin has even fought into the third round.

2t. Don Frye vs. Thomas Ramirez (0:08)

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    In the first round of an eight-fighter tournament at UFC 8, Don Frye took on Thomas Ramirez. In what would be the first fight of a great career, Frye overwhelmed Ramirez and finished the fight in just eight seconds.

    Frye went on to win the tournament, finishing every opponent he faced. In his three fights at UFC 8, Frye took a combined three minutes and 10 seconds to finish his opponents. Over the course of his career, Frye has finished five fights in under one minute.

1. Todd Duffee vs. Tim Hague (0:07)

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    At UFC 102, Todd Duffee would make his UFC debut against Tim Hague. A lot of fighters tend to get off to slow starts in their first fight in the Octagon, but this was certainly not the case for Duffee. Duffee burst onto the UFC scene with a seven-second knockout.

    Following the win, Duffee was pegged as one of the brightest young heavyweight prospects in the UFC. In his next fight, Duffee was knocked out by Mike Russow in the third round after dominating the entire fight. Later, Duffee would be cut from the UFC for what Dana White called a poor attitude.

    In his most recent fight, Duffee was on the receiving end of a fast finish. Duffee suffered a 19-second knockout loss to Alistair Overeem at Dynamite!! 2010 on New Year's Eve.