TNA: Kurt Angle Upset With Jarrett Family Storyline

Zoe Eyvelisse@@kooleystonerContributor IIFebruary 6, 2011

Hey Bleachers and Bleachettes! Alas the weekend has come to its end so I hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

I decided to end my weekend off by writing my very first article about TNA so I hope you guys enjoy.

So if you watched last Thursdays' iMPACT, you saw the new segment featuring Karen and Jeff Jarrett giving the fans a view of their home. Not only did we see the inside of their house, but we did get to see their kids (from previous relationships) as well.

Obviously, Karen and Jeff have no problem with flaunting their new marriage to each other in everyone's face, including Karen's ex husband and Jeff's current co-worker, Kurt Angle.

The Olympic gold medalist tweeted his thoughts on the angle (no pun intended) and said the following: "The 'Jarrett' segments on TNA Impact were appalling. It made me look like a dead beat Dad which I am not (I can assure you). And it made Karen and Jeff look like the perfect American Family. MY kids  were calling Jeff 'Daddy Jeff'.

"NOBODY will ever replace me as the Father of my kids. You want me to look like the bad person? Don't forget who wanted the divorce! I didn't walk away from my family, Karen did. So keep your little 'act' going on TV. It's amusing to me, but don't think for a million years that my fans are buying this crap."

I've been a fan of Jarrett's since he was in the WWE and since he's been in TNA, he's slowly been losing my attention but nonetheless, I can deal with him so this segment had my attention.


I saw Karen Jarrett. For some reason, the woman rubs me the wrong way and not to mention, I feel she kind of just rushed into her newly marriage with Jarrett. I'm not judging her decisions in any way but I do have one question. 

Why does it have to be with the man that's been working with your ex-husband for years? I mean, didn't we learn from the Matt Hardy, Lita and Edge situation? Mixing business and your personal life may be interesting to some of us fans but we have to remember that these athletes are people first and foremost.

Now the segment was tasteless to me for two reasons. First question, who cares? TNA already does too much talking and now you have this 20 minute segment of Karen showing us around the house and all I can say is for what? 

I watch TNA for the simple fact that their roster has more creative control over their own gimmicks, unlike the WWE so that's what I want to see. I don't want to see Karen and Jeff's rented house. I don't want to see the pictures you just took of Jeff and your kids and I don't want to hear how much you worship the ground Jeff walks on.  

My second question is why are the children involved? It's one thing to rub your marriage in Kurt Angle's face but it's another to involve the children who are equally his as they are Karen's. This goes for Jeff's children as well. Children in storylines never really work out in pro wrestling.

Enter Rey Mysterio, Dominic, Eddie Guerrero, Hornswoggle and Vince McMahon.

Now if that isn't enough for you, to add insult to injury, Kurt's children were calling Jeff "Daddy Jeff." Daddy Jeff? *in the Miz's voice* Really?

I would like to think that Jeff is more appropriate since he's relatively new to them. And to even add onto that, the children were not even allowed to acknowledge how much they love their Aunt Dixie. Mind you, this is a woman that was in their lives way before Jeff became a thought.

Kurt's son dropped his Jeff Jarrett action figure and Jeff nearly leaped over the table. I mean, how much of a control freak is Jeff? Shall I say, how much of a control freak is he trying to portray? (seeing as how it's all scripted)

Yes, it's scripted or kayfabe (if you prefer that term) but can you really blame Kurt for being upset? It's one thing to have to deal with your ex-wife dancing around with a man you once considered a friend and being in a storyline with the both of them but it's a completely other thing to bring in another man's children.

Yes, in a way Kurt knew what he was in for because he signed his contract extension but there has to be a limit, somewhere.

On one hand, if Kurt doesn't like it he can leave but if this is the man's passion, leaving is not an option. Just like Matt Hardy could have called it quits when he found out about Lita and Edge, he didn't. He said himself that wrestling is his life. I feel like that could be Kurt's reason for not leaving either.

To get off Kurt for a minute, Karen is to blame too. These are her children as well. She is making Kurt out to be a dead beat father, like he said and that's not fair to Kurt or to his fans. Karen brought the children into this scenario and for that, I feel she was wrong.

But, I can sit here and go on and on about how much I do not like the angle between the three but in the end, it's really up to them and what they choose to do. I just wish it didn't have to involve the children.

We shall see what happens next week on iMPACT.

Thanks for reading!