Switching Leagues and This Years Awards.

Ben CurrieCorrespondent ISeptember 21, 2008

The trade deadline was very active this year, and loyalty to ones team or even one's league were not the priority. Jason Bay, Xavier Nady, Manny Ramirez, Rich Harden, and CC Sabathia were just some of the names that hopped leagues. This obviously has had tremendous effect on the playoff hunt. Manny has nearly single-handedly made his entire team better and put the Dodgers in first. Bay has been good, CC and Harden have been utterly ridiculous.

Arguably more interesting is the effects this will have on the major awards this year. CC Sabathia is making a case for Cy Young, and Manny is literally defining the role of an MVP player. I had ruled Manny out, due to reasons I will illustrate in this article. After more thought though, I hope he gets it. He's brought whatever potential the young Dodger line-up had out, and he did it in his first game their. They're over-performing in my mind now, since Manny's debut. The transition has been night and day. Meanwhile Manny is still hitting .404 as a Dodger. And is right next to Mr. Howard in stats for last 30 days. Now I like Pujols' year, and Howard isn't gonna stop padding his stats until he can't play anymore. But you don't have to look far to see complaints about Pujols (bad team) and Howard (Strike-outs, among others) for this award.

Manny deserves this award, his combined stats are absurd he's nearing a career year (remember 44hr, 165rbi, .333 ave is in his resume), and his average stats as Dodger our simply ridiculous. However, can you count average stats? No, but it does reflect better for you in the votes to have a good resume in the other league as well. Look at recent year's league hops.

Mark McGuire in 1997 16th MVP (Oak, StL): 

Credited for 24 Hr, 42 RBI; Combined 58hr, 123 RBI

Winner's stats in 1997: Larry Walker - 49HR, 130 RBI, 33 SB, .366 ave

Walker had a typical Coors field year, but you gotta figure McGuire would have been closer had they combined stats.

Randy Johnson in 1998 (Sea, Hou) 21st MVP, 7th Cy Young

Credited for 10-1, 1.28 era; Combined 19-11, 3.28 era

Winner's stats in 1998 (Cy Young): Tom Glavine - 20-6, 2.47 era

This year had some low ERAs, but again Johnson does better than 7th.

Carlos Beltran 2004 (KCR, Hou) 12th in MVP

Credited for 23 HR, 53 RBI, 28 SB; Combined 38 HR, 104 RBI, 42 SB

Winner's stats in 2004: Barry Bonds - 45 HR, 101 RBI, .341 ave

I could see Beltran making a case to win this award if combined stats counted, one of the better recent efforts at 40-40, and really helped Houston clinch and of course 8 HR's in the playoffs! Either way, if they combine Beltran's above 12th.

So I know, how can you even consider stats from a different league and win an NL award? But still some of these examples Beltran, Johnson, and now Harden, CC, and Manny are perfect examples of what these valueable awards represent.

Anyway, let me know what you think. Do Manny and CC deserve serious consideration for their respective awards, or can you throw away these guys, and merely admire their averages for 1/3rd the games?


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