UFC 126 Results: Why Anderson Silva Would Destroy Georges St Pierre

Andrew GladstoneCorrespondent IFebruary 7, 2011

Anderson Silva improved his record to 28-4 at UFC 126 last night when he knocked out Vitor Belfort with a devastating front kick.

With Anderson Silva's and Georges St. Pierre's dominance in their respective divisions, the MMA community has been going crazy for this superfight.

As much as I hope this fight really does happen, I just don't see how Silva doesn't destroy St. Pierre in the fight.

All fights start standing and St. Pierre will start off with a huge disadvantage with Silva's deadly arsenal of striking.

The longer this fight stays on the feet, the worse it will get for St. Pierre because if Matt Serra can knock St. Pierre out, there is no way that a devastating knockout artist like Silva can't.

St. Pierre's boxing has greatly improved over the years, but he's usually at a reach advantage and in this fight he'll be actually at a slight reach disadvantage against a far better striker.

St. Pierre will be at a significant size and strength disadvantage if he takes on Silva, and this will come to play when they grapple.

Most opponents St. Pierre faces aren't that great off their backs, but Anderson has a dangerous game off his back and with Silva's type of wrist control, St. Pierre may would have a much harder time nullifying Silva's guard. Even if St. Pierre can nullify the offensive guard of Silva, Anderson can utilize his patented close guard (reverse body lock), and take the wind out of the sails out of St. Pierre. 

While Silva may not be the best wrestler at middleweight, he has been able to get many fighters on their backs due to his athletic ability and striking. 

St. Pierre has shown a tendency as of late to get back control and not secure the body lock, and if Silva winds up in St. Pierre's guard, St. Pierre will be in a world of trouble as Silva has damaged many opponents on top and more times than not has finished.

Also, one has to consider how St. Pierre will go for the takedown, because Silva has thrown devastating flying knees while his opponent goes for the shot.

At the end of the day, I'm excited for this fight, no matter what goes on. But I feel right now that Silva is on more of a tear right now and that St. Pierre's fighting style may cost him if he doesn't finish Silva, because Silva can lose every round and still come back to win.