UFC 126 Video: Watch Silva Defend Title With Wicked KO Win Against Belfort

Nathaniel UyFeatured ColumnistFebruary 6, 2011

The main event for UFC 126 featured a bout between middleweight title holder Anderson Silva and world-class striker Vitor Belfort.

"We both know what these guys are capable of, and what kind of fight this could be," UFC President Dana White said days before the big showdown. "But if things go wrong because of the way that both these guys are sometimes, it could be the worst staring competition in the history of the world."

White was right on point with his prediction.  For the first three minutes of the match, it appeared to be a staredown contest. 

With the crowd eagerly anticipating to see some action, it was Belfort that blinked first.

Silva took advantage with a swift left kick to his chin, the move clearly caught Belfort off guard as he crumbled helplessly to the mat after Silva connected.  Once Belfort was on the ground, Silva gave him a pair of jabs to the head and it was all over.

"He faked to the body and kicked to the head," Belfort said after the fight. "Anderson's a great fighter."

That Silva knockout kick was the biggest talking point after the match because it was so stunning and unexpected. 

The wait, which lasted over three minutes was well worth it.

First there was nothing, then everyone witnessed one of the most exciting knockouts in UFC history.

"That was just one of the strikes I worked on with the other various kicks and attacks," said Silva who reportedly worked on the move with actor Steven Seagal.

Silva's win allowed him to improve to a perfect 13-0 record at UFC and now sets him up for a possible matchup against welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre.